Cyberpunk 2077 Receives HUGE UPDATE From CD Projekt RED. Patch 1.5 and More!

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Cyberpunk 2077 is in the news again and CD Projekt RED just gave us a big update about the game’s future, plus info about Patch 1.5! Let’s dissect!

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41 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Receives HUGE UPDATE From CD Projekt RED. Patch 1.5 and More!”

  1. i dont care what cdpr has to say about the game i want what they said was going to be in the game a in depth police system with corrupted cops and the npc system that is suppose to make the game feel more alive and an more improved driving system with customizable cars, and more in depth character creation, that fact that the character creation is still so weak says quite a lot when they said that the character creation was suppose to be really in depth

  2. 5:49 As a thought experiment, what's the actual state of the game at the present moment? We have get rid of the (well deserved) sht storm reviews of the launch and keep the most recent reviews, what the rating would be then? 8.5? Maybe even 9

  3. I’d be happier too if I’d only paid $10 for it. As one of the folks that pre-ordered at $60, and then had to endure the poor launch and game play issues, I still don’t feel like this game has yet to approach Witcher 3 quality. Hope they get their act together.

  4. I have played through the game three times, starting in February this year. I personally really love the game, but I do feel that it suffered from whiplash after people complained about how long the Witcher 3 was (Something I don't think I'll ever understand) and I feel it's quite a bit too short and sparse. It's a weird thing to say, but I'm glad they're listeing to their developers (WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THIS FROM DAY 0? That's INSANE!)

    It is flawed, don't get me wrong, and needs more content, but I appreciate that this is having to wait while they get it working as intended for other platforms (I'm on PC). That said, I can see myself returning to Night City in the new year.

    Por Jacquito. Vaiya con Dios, mi Amigo.

  5. I never played any of the Witcher games or anything made by CDPR, but I had pre-ordered this game in 2019 based on what they promised (showed in 2018). One year has passed since the launch of the game and nothing has changed in CP2077. Dumb AI, same story regardless of the lifepath you choose, 80% of the game buildings/apartments you can't access, no destructible environment, no NPCs with daily routines and so on… All I hear every time is the same crap – "we need more time to polish the game"; "we're making huge improvements"; "it will look amazing" blah blah blah. I want the game they promised me when I purchased it not this game. I understand why new players think this is a good game. They buy it for what it is now, and for 10$ or 20$ it's good enough. But I feel cheated. How would you feel to buy a Ferrari and to receive a Ferrari shaped Ford. What is funny, is how CDPR makes it look like they are doing us a favor… wtf???!!! They should fix what was not supposed to be broken at launch, they should put back into the game what they removed from it. All the things they promised. I am sick and tired to hear all the time what a good job they are doing fixing a game that was not supposed to be broken in the first place.

  6. I hope the [any game] vs cyberpynk2077 lol memes get addressed. They are very embarrassing for the franchise. It's those tiny details that is making CP2077 a laughing stock in the gaming community. Fix, CP2077, CDPR. Go show them!

  7. A part from all the shit the glitches the bugs i loved the story and all the side content but the main story was to short and not many decision i made put a impact on my open world i loved everything in it the weapons the cyberware

  8. Edit: like this so he has to read this for one of the top comments he needs to hear it.

    I love your content i just wish you had more good news to give because when you do your positive energy is contagious.

  9. I really like Cyberpunk, sadly i can't play it now because I have an xbox one, and from what i saw, it's still not very good, but i would love to play it and just explore the world of Night City and its outskirts, I'm glad to see that the game is getting more attention, i loke your videos btw… and also…

    Hi youtube! (If my comment ends in your next video)

  10. Thankyou I appreciate the shout out. Just want to say thankyou for all the gaming news you keep us updated on and showing the gaming community in general some love. Thankyou for clearing up that the new FC can still be a single player game and the concept that the older FC titles can be updated is very exciting. I really enjoy listening to "Open World Games" news as much as actually playing actual open world games, thankyou

  11. CD projekt Red is actually getting cyberpunk 2077 together. I have a PlayStation 4 pro and it's looking much better since the last update. Pop in is way better and the textures are loading faster. Eventually it will be a great game.

  12. I just wish i took the preorder refund and waited for it to drop to $10 this black Friday.. then it wouldn't have been so bad. Overall i do like the game but i played on a high end pc so escaped a tonne of game breaking bugs even though it was still inundated with them. At least it taught me a couple of things, i still dont believe a word they say and will NEVER preorder from them again or buy any full priced DLCs..

  13. Still waiting for that next gen update CDPR. Nobody wants the hear how the game will be in the future when the game hasn't even been optimized for the new consoles that will ultimately be playing this game in the future. Unfinished games at launch are the norm now SMH


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