Cyberpunk 2077: Rarely Seen Weather System

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Welcome to Deconstructing The Game folks. In this Cyberpunk video, Ryan Shows us various weather conditions that are rarely seen or experienced within the game. Plus really fine details about the wind physics and moisture evaporation.
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20 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077: Rarely Seen Weather System”

  1. Could you guys make another video on the Immersive Roleplay mod? There's metro train rides now ( youre riding inside of a bus thats basically no clipping above the tracks but man is it cool to see it somewhat working) I understand a fully working live in game train would of been really hard (star citizen trains) but the least cdpr could of done was made a scripted train ride like this immersive roleplay mod did, you teleport into a train ride, get some nice views and when you hit the destination it teleports you back down to the fake N cart stations. Now all we need in this mod is NPCs riding the bus/train with us and it would feel amazing, as of now its just you riding it.

  2. Your comment near the end isn't quite correct. There are mods that replace the "Sunny" weather type but the mod Geoengineering (on Nexus) has a cycling preset so that you can see all or most of the weathers during single sessions (i.e the game engine will cycle through the weathers at random).

  3. I’ve got over 200 hours in the game & I’ve only seen the sandstorm twice & acid rain once. I haven’t seen half of these weather presets at all. CDPR made a huge mistake with no environmental damage & regular storms as challenges like Fallout 4 or Mad Max, because the hazmat suit is basically pointless.

  4. There is a mod on Nexus that enables you to cycle the weather and not just choose to have a specific one all the time. The lead quest designer said they made the weather like it is as they did not want to copy every other Cyberpunk game, book or film where its always raining.

  5. Funny that CDPR said they don’t want to make it unrealistic since CA weather is mostly sunny. Well its not like I see flying vehicles, cybernetic implants, robots etc. in California either.

  6. Honestly I feel like they have been tweaking it because I play on Stadia, was going to get it on the consoles but then it was such a mess I didn't, so I went with Stadia because my PC sucks and it runs great but one thing I have noticed because I have been playing it on and off since it was released is that they are tweaking things and just my recent sessions I have had more occurring weather. Now personally I agree, they should roll off that setup and it does seem more like an excuse or them covering up something else (much like they said Goro couldn't be romanced and then another saying actually he was intending to be but ran out of time). It will be interesting to see if we do get more flexibility with the weather if they are in fact tweaking stuff.


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