Cyberpunk 2077 Psycho Ray Tracing ON VS OFF DLSS 4K | RTX 4090 | i9 13900K 6GHz

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Check out how Cyberpunk 2077 looks and performs on the NVIDIA RTX 4090 and i9 13900K. In this comparison I will be running the game at maximum settings, Ray Tracing Off VS On with DLSS Quality at 4K.

My PC Specification
Intel i9 13900K 5.8GHz All P Cores and 6GHz Boost 4.6GHz All E Cores 5.1GHz Ring bus
Custom Waterloop
EK-WB Velocity 2 RGB Alder Lake Water block
Mo-Ra 3 420 LT External Radiator
8 x Bitfenix Spectre Pro Led Red 230 230mm fans Push Pull
EK-XTOP Revo Dual Water Cooling D5 Serial Pump – with PWM
EK-RES X3 150 Lite ,Water Temperature Sensor with LED
MSI MEG Z690 Unify Motherboard
MSI RTX 4090 Suprim X
NVIDIA GeForce 528.02 Driver
G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 6400Mhz DDR5 64GB @ 6133MHz 16×4 CL32-38-38-60 1.40v
Thermaltake View 71 Tempered Glass Case
Corsair AX 1200W Gold PSU
Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD
Samsung 860 QVO 1 TB
Pioneer 1TB SSD APS-SL3-1T
Sabrent Rocket NVMe PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD 1TB
LG OLED 55″ B9 4K HDR TV – G-Sync 120HZ
Windows 11 Pro Version 22H2
Logitech G920 Wheel and Pedals
Corsair K63 Mechanical Keyboard
Razer Basilisk V3 Wired RGB Mouse

Dedicated Recording and Streaming PC
Avermedia GC573 Live Gamer 4K HDR RGB HDMI Capture Card
Palit NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 8GB StormX
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU
Corsair H110 280mm AIO CPU cooling
16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Patriot Viper Gaming
ASUS X370 PRO, AM4, AMD Motherboard
Netac 500G SSD, 3D NAND Flash Solid State Drive
EVGA 850W BQ Power Supply
Kaza KZ05 Mid Tower PC Gaming Case
Blu Yeti Microphone

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30 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Psycho Ray Tracing ON VS OFF DLSS 4K | RTX 4090 | i9 13900K 6GHz”

  1. NOTE:
    – There are some light sources which are still not ray traced e.g fluorescent lights, billboards, screens and signs.
    – There is only 1 bounce per ray, so not as accurate as multiple bounces like in Portal RTX and Metro Exodus EE
    – The range for a lot of ray tracing I found is kinda short around 5-10 meters

    Apparently there is an update coming soon (Ray tracing Overdrive) which is said to fix these issues and improve quality
    Also i found the best place that makes a big difference is while driving

  2. metro and dying light 2 seem to benefit the most from the addition of RT. Yesterday I tested RT in Plague Tale Requiem. This is just a joke! I hope lumen in ue5 will really change something.

  3. Managed to get 2070 for 200~ €. I know it has nothing to do with the video but I'm too happy so i want to share. Finally i can upgrade from my 1060 3gb , the suffering has ended at 1080p

  4. Question:
    I just built my Intel 13900ks and MSI Meg z790 Ace MB. At the maximum INTEL specs of 253W Short duration Turbo and 253W Long duration Turbo and an ICC Max current of 307A I can’t get the 13900ks to run benchmarks without telling me it’s having to activate both Power Limit Throttling and Current Limit Throttling. Do you think there are some sort of MSI BIOS settings that are causing the 13900ks to need a lot higher Wattages(Short/Long Turbo wattages and ICC max (A) current)? The default MSI BIOS settings for these are over 4000 watts for short/Long Turbo and 512A for ICC max current. At the start of the BIOS setup it asks which cpu cooler type I use(stock air cooler(280W), high performance air cooler(280W) and liquid cooler(4000+Watts) Thank you!

    CPU: 13900ks
    MB: MSI Meg z790 Ace
    DDR5 RAM: Corsair 7200mhz CL34
    Storage: Samsung 990 pro 2TB
    Cooler: Corsair h170i elite LCD(420mm AIO w/ push/pull, Grizzly 12th gen Contact Frame and Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme thermal paste)
    GPU: Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming OC
    Software: Windows 11 Home, latest drivers & BIOS, Intel XTU 2.0 and CPU-Z benchmark utilities

  5. It's interesting to see how RT can sometimes actually detract from the scene – realistic lighting can clash with the mood and the atmosphere a level designer and/or art director were going for. I mean, in movies, we don't actually see "realistic lighting" per se, we're seeing a director's vision of how the scene should look like (lighting, shadows, color grading, etc.). Therefore, in Cyberpunk I usually like to turn on RT reflections and shadows (sun and local), but turn off RT lighting/GI. I simply like how Cyberpunk looks that way.

  6. Wonder how much longer we have to wait for Overdrive, would have expected it to be out by now since it was shown off at the 4000 series reveal. Even Psycho has many compromises such as just a single bounce for GI or reduced reflection resolution.

  7. I'm looking forward to when we see games built from the ground up with only ray tracing in mind. The reason some scenes currently in RT games may appear subjectively better looking in rasterized lighting is because the titles were designed with rasterized lighting in mind predominantly, with RT added later in development.

    Also still shots help cover up rasterization's shortcomings, in motion RT looks even better since it's calculated in real time and can update accordingly, while rasterization relies on plenty of baked static solutions and real time updates are confined to screen space elements only which always result in artifacting. The reason we've had less phsyics interaction in games as graphics have improved is largely in part due to rasterized models falling apart when there's set changes, it's also why games with day & night cycles can't match the lighting of titles with static time of day, like the difference between AC Unity and the AC games released since. RT does not suffer from any of these shortcomings, and I feel comparisons of still shots may inadvertently be propagating the myth that RT is a waste of resources.

  8. You have to keep in mind that Nvidia worked exclusively with CD Project to make sure Ray Tracing would be the standout technology and thus automatically make the game look less appealing without it. In most cases a game, if well made can look amazing even without it, as games have for the past years. Plus you only really get the benefits AT NIGHT, so you have to decide if you prefer crispy native resolutions whether or not the performance hit is really worth the so called eye candy on an already Ultra Settings Experience. Remember the game has to be good with or without Ray Tracing from the beginning. Everything else is just cherry on top.

  9. Hey, thanks for the video, do you use the msi power adaptator cable who was in your box wih the 4090? Do you have any problems with it ? Will you buy a PSU with ATX 3.0 ? Thanks man

  10. So yea, the biggest impact RTX has is on performance because rasterized already looks really good. Knowing most people, they couldn't tell the difference between on and off unless it's side by side.

  11. I am finding myself becoming more fond of RT the more I use it, when at first I pretty much turned it off due to the performance hit. When it really hit me was when I was playing games with no RT again and realised how bad the lighting/shadows/reflections are when before I never noticed. This game is probably not the best showcase of RT but recently playing through the enhanced version of Metro Exodus it really hit me how RT makes games so much more immersive and real feeling.
    Now hardware is starting to make it viable to use RT more it will start to become pretty standard and this is a good thing imo

  12. proof that raytracing except reflections are overrated compared to the hugmungus performance loss, not to mention rapid fps flucturations which makes the experience even harder to enjoy,

  13. HDR gives a way better visual presentation compared to raytracing in this game; then again that probably applies to every game that isn't portal rtx & metro EE.

  14. Next to each other, it's interesting how RT corrects certain inaccuracies (e.g. lighting from a fixture shining on the ground around an object that should be obscuring it), but also doesn't have that pre-baked approach that the non-RT has that can ensure the correct "mood," of certain scenes.
    In a few years, games will be designed from the ground up with RT in mind, and then we'll have something really special.


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