Cyberpunk 2077 Players TRICKED Into Paying THOUSANDS In Ransom & CD Projekt Red Gets Sued By 4 Firms

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Cyberpunk 2077 is getting better without a doubt, the problem is alot of people are still super angry about the launch.

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47 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Players TRICKED Into Paying THOUSANDS In Ransom & CD Projekt Red Gets Sued By 4 Firms”

  1. As a Jewish person I feel the need to point out that the one specific person was no where near history's greatest monster. I could start naming communists, Hollywood p3dos, modern politicians, wealthy members of my tribe, all worse and die before I got to his name. George Patton was right about wwii

  2. What a pointless video. Think it's time we let the Cyberpunk outrage die, we've got Jeremy over here bending over backwards to create a story out of nothing. Lotta other news out there bro. Let this one go.

  3. Its a shame they were forced to release early. As a game its a masterpiece of design. Night City is an amazing locale. BTW I was watching my Nephew play it on PS4 the other day, apart from slow loading of textures in dense areas IT WAS FINE.

  4. I made sure I didn’t see any news on the game. I tried my best not to get too hyped, but that was impossible.
    In the end I enjoyed the game a lot, but the ending was…not to my liking. But the journey there was a hell of a lot of fun.

  5. "especially after The Witcher games." – ha-ha, just remember the first two parts of the series. These games are not open-world like GTA, Fallout or TES. And the third part are just an improved version of previous two. It's more like a sandbox, there is no any interaction with environment, the game simply was not about that, open-world in The Witcher 3 is just a bonus. And they made the same thing with Cyberpunk 2077, yes they've tried to make it better, and there are many other new features for CDPR to develop, but they have not a lot of experience for that.

  6. yeah the lawsuits, hate to break it to anyone, that aint gotta fly and have no success rate. A couple lawsuits were launched against Steam and Total war rome 2 creator. those were thrown out because lack of evidence and "games are seen as a work of art " ( not my words) and "..after discovering the bugs( if you want to pinpoint malicious intent you have to prove that with documentation which they do not have)the company worked tiredless to fix the game and made reasonable actions that were more far reaching than any other game company have done previously". Then there is the Wuhan Shuffle going on and no judge will fault a company for that or companies using that excuse. If you want to go after those companies go right ahead and knock yourself out.. no wait better give those millions of dollars you are going to loose to charity or to cancer research. God knows they need it. This on a side note: any ambulance chasing wanker tat calls himself or herself a lawyer need to be disbarred and their degree declared null and void if they go for the "frivolous lawsuit" like this crap. this will deter morons from taking up precious time from actual cases that have merrit.

    These are just scammers thinking they can go after a game company just because a game didnt run smoothly on a stupid console. For the record i have cyberpunk on ps4 and had NO problems except some rendering issues ( blocky cars). I also have it on PC and pc is good. Yeah ps4 in comparison with PC is not that great but playable. If we go down this road soon you will only have EA and maybe Ubisoft that are the only game companies around if we are going to sue every game company out there for making a shifty game. Hype is bread and butter of ANY COMPANY.. all of a sudden people have a surprised picachu face when it comes to games like friggin novices finding out that "yes game companies and EVERY SINGLE COMPANY lies to its customers and hypes up their product". unless you are a 5 year old, you know this is the modus operandi of EA ( notorious for promising shiff and then not delivering it or half assed delivering it, oh and lest not forget the "sport games a la fifa or madden).. Somehow suspecting that a game company doesn't hype up and tell little white lies well… that is just naive.

    Now Like i stated before: when they first announced the game to be postponed, they should take a cue of other companies that were supposed to be released at the same time and who postponed it to the same date next year. Ater all you ahd the wuhan shuffle going on. CDPR should have just postponed it till early December. This gave the devs more wriggle room to check everything and if there were still issues in december postpone it to june or some such date to make sure the game was good to go. The devs arent the problem here, it is MIDDLE MANAGEMENT that did this clusterFUBAR of a mistake. Then the Upper management is at fault here 2 because they didnt bother to contact the Devs. When i was fixing companies that were up a creek without a peddle or staring down the abyss of bankrupcy,I listened to both the average normal workers, the middle management the upper management and everyone in between. Sometimes i had to fire 2 or 3 ( usually in HR and a couple "managers" ) to make the company healthy again. If i was CEO i would fire the managers that did this crap regardless if they are friends or not. If they are making a scene i will put my foot on their necks by firing them with cause.

    my 4 dollar response. Great video Jeremy. Devs in this case did nothing wrong, it was the middle and upper management that were asshoe.

  7. If you have issues with bugs and unfinished content remember that the reason for those problems is the fact that they were forced to waste time on versions for console trash.
    Such garbage platforms as consoles shouldn't even exist, if only people had working brains and stopped paying for those shit platforms.
    Console plebs ruin gaming for everyone.

  8. Cyberpunk was a 5 star game and I never played past the character creation screen xD I didnt need to see the rest of the game after getting options to be cut or uncut with custom bush. 5 stars!

  9. The lawsuits are sadly justified, I saw a build of the game they showed in an old trailer (a beta version of the game). Everything in the trailer version of the game is NOT in the actual game. It looked more advanced, had more features, heck it showed you able to run across walls and then hang on with your mantis blades. There are two possibilities 1) They took out a TON of features. 2) Literal fraud (none of it was real)

  10. This pisses me off no end.
    Firstly, the “man of the year” isn’t an award. It’s the person who influenced news the most…for good or bad reasons.
    And in the time article they called him the greatest threat to freedom that faced the world.

  11. i was never hyped for this game (was not a fan of the witcher games, not saying they were not good, just not my thing) but after i got this game midst all the hate and hype aftermath, i am having a blast. i got no bugs (except for the floating phone or cigarette every so often) and my pc is as ancient as time itself. idk what they did to the ps4/xbone version but jeez.

  12. Seeing a lot of people on base consoles saying it runs great. Wtf drugs are all of you on? Tried it on my Xbox S and it’s literally barley playable. 15-20 FPS/ Glitches valor/ sloppy textures ect. Just waiting to pick up a series x as it’s actually decent.

  13. I might be a total poon but easy is the way to go. Normal is too hard. And my polish friend is with me. Always plays with easy for the story. Just wants to enjoy the stories. I get that that but normal setting seems extremely hard on my 2nd play through and same on easy on my 1st play through

  14. Oh yeah the cut content is an issue, like V's Mansion which turned out to be actually part of one of the endings and not cut content at all….
    Sure the games a joke on consoles but if this doesn't run on your PC it's on you and you should've known wether this works or not, for reference Marvel Avengers still doesn't run as good as Cyberpunk 2077 on my PC and the game looks alot worse.
    However it still seems like the entire video game journalist NPC-media where just waiting for this to fail because they aren't afraid of CDPR and can try to get some level of "you see we do call out bad developers and are totally on the side of the true gamers!" streetcred. It's funny because this is probably the most progressive game made yet, you've got a gay, lesbian and straight romance option, you've got a MTF transwoman as Major side character with her own questline and you've got the option to support sex workers in their fight for fair treatment.

    But because CDPR didn't market this as the most progressive game ever the NPC media doesn't defend them and give them the usual Rimjob others companies get when they pull the same stuff as CDPR did


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