Cyberpunk 2077 :Phantom Liberty VS Starfield in a Nutshell

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After playing Starfield for a few weeks and now coming back and playing Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, I have to say that the experience is totally different. I know that Starfield is supposed to be focused more on exploration, but Bethesda also tried to add some dramatic and action-based cutscenes which really do not work and I know that it is totally possible to make those scenes because if you look at Skyrim with the first encounter with a Dragon, the dramatic cutscenes and actions are very similar to Cyberpunk 2077 ones. Starfield on the other hand has some very odd and predictable cutscenes, which combined with very long loading scenes take the immersion away. What do you guys think?

Is Starfield better or Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

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32 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 :Phantom Liberty VS Starfield in a Nutshell”

  1. playing starfield and watching all these comparisons have gotten me so depressed for the future of the elder scrolls. bethesda will never make a game as good as skyrim again

  2. To be fair, it took cyberpunk 3 years. If we were to compare the original cyberpunk to… Whatever the fuck Bethesda released it would be pretty comparable.

    Dont get me wrong, Bethesda released a shit game to be sure.

  3. Only took 3 years for Cyberpunk to become a decent game!
    I will wait another 3 years for 90% discount on Starfield and buy it as a full game too!
    At that time I might be able to afford a good GPU that can actually run games as well!

  4. Just compare Starfail to GTA IV and we will all laugh at the humiliation, but comparing it to a game that needed another three years to be finished is hypocritical.
    Day 1 Starfield is miles ahead day 1 Cyberpunk

  5. Yes Cyberpunk was buggy mess at the begining but now its one of the best RPGs coz it got soul, good writing and developers that actually care to fix it.
    Starfield only got modders to do it, Bethesda doesnt really fix their games. Also bugs aside why its unfair to compare these games? Starfield is a NEW game so it should have better core mechanics, graphics, physics, npcs reactivity etc. on release. Right now it feels worse then PC Cyberpunk 2020 (we dont talk about old gen consoles)


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