Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Concerns

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Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is almost here and I’m shocked how excited I am to jump in a give it a try but recent news coming out about the PC version has me concerned. How should we feel about the console version if the PC version comes with a 90% CPU usage warning? Are they being too ambitious again?

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25 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Concerns”

  1. I pre-ordered the CE of 2077. I still haven't launched the game. I refuse to play this game until it meets the standards they promised in 2019/20.

    Both proud, and annoyed at the same time haha. I'll start it after PL drops, maybe even after a patch or 2

  2. I actually love cyberpunk solid 9 for me the stories are excellent and the side quest are pretty good i hope lono can get into it there is great game to be played the character building and stories are top notch

  3. I upgraded to a 4090 earlier this year mainly to play Cyberpunk. Playing cyberpunk on ps4 when it launched is the reason why I stopped being a strictly console gamer.

    It will suck if consoles get the short end of the stick again for this game. Either way, I’m excited. Cyberpunk PL is my personal most anticipated game/dlc this year.

  4. I don't see a problem. In fact, everything im seeing says 2.0 and PL are going to use higher core cpus more effectively. This is a good thing. Very few games are programmed to really fully utilize multiple cores well.

    By all accounts this dlc and 2.0 are going to be amazing and squeeze performance out of hardware especially for those running the best hardware

  5. I've played it on ps5 and platinumed it haven't had any issues aside from lag freezes and crashes but it still played normal with no issues with my console on a different note hopefully Update 2.0 arrives tomorrow or next week before phantom liberty arrives

  6. CDPR are first and foremost a PC developer, they always have been I won't sugar coat it this game should have been released on PC first (fact!) The console edition may not end up becoming a dead loss as this info does relate to PC. guess we'll have to wait and see.

  7. You have to tell every little detail these days or complete morons will go whine about their own massive inability to accept that their GTX 980 cannot run games on 4k in max settings.,
    And yes, there are many many morons that think they can do that.
    Steam forums are full of them.

  8. Why people continue to try and play this game but then at the same time complain about other games coming out that do all the same terrible things this game did is beyond my understanding. The gaming community should have shunned this game and continued to to make a point that this is unacceptable… but they don’t so let games continue to be cyberpunk and work theirselves into being an actual playable game later on

  9. Started playing Cyberpunk 2077 on my PS5 on the same day Starfield released. It has definitely helped soften the blow of not being able to play Starfield as I'm a long time Bethesda games player. Even though Bethesda is owned by Microsoft I will not be buying an Xbox Console. I vowed never to return to Xbox after I got hit with the red ring of death on the Xbox 360. After that fiasco my view of Microsoft is that they sell very cheap hardware at a premium. Anyway, I'm having fun with Cyberpunk 2077 I do hope CD Project Red doesn't give up on this game and the world they built.

  10. remember cdpr has a partnership with nvidia feels like nvidia pushing this sutff useing cyberpunk because they buds with cdpr it looks like some drity shit going on and we should question if what cdpr even say they dnt have a gd track recorded of truth I actually think the new pc spec are over done and mainly nvidia came out with them so I dnt trust cdpr or nivda so I guess we will see soon if cyberpunk day 1 happens again butt if it do I have a feeling it's going to be pc that takes the hit

  11. I love how people forgot about the features that CDPR omitted from the game in their final release and started praising the game after they fixed the bugs.

    It's like the bugs, glitches and performance issues masked all the other problems people still refuse to talk about, calling it an awesome update/comeback from CDPR. That's crazy.

  12. Ill look out for the stream. Ive appreciated your not overly hatefull but sceptical view of starfield, its a pretty jank game but I really do like it. Ive been playing Armored Core VI aswell and really enjoying that and now i get to jump back into cyberpunk man i feel so lucky right now 😂😂😂😅

  13. Despite a terrible launch still don't know why to this day they launched it as well on PS4 Xbox one but a lot of thought went into this and after all the patches and feedback they have really made this into a fantastic game and personally is my most played open world game and become one of if not my favourite game. I can't wait to get the dlc. I own a series S


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