Cyberpunk 2077 – Patch 1.6 – New HDR / Dolby Vision Settings – Xbox Series / PS5

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0:00 Intro
0:27 No HDR System Level Support
0:38 Just Xbox Series X Version Tested
0:50 I have New HDR Settings for you but why?
1:50 Can’t recommend Dolby Vision on the G2
2:34 Black Level Raise and Elevated Grey Scale
3:55 Black Levels Raise and how to get rid of it
5:30 Elevated Grey Scale in Cyberpunk 2077
7:20 HDR Ingame Settings Explained
8:32 New HDR Settings for Series X and PS5
10:49 HDR10 and DTM ON is the way to go
12:20 Dolby Vision not to recommend on the G2
13:00 One of the best HDR Game on Console and PC


32 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Patch 1.6 – New HDR / Dolby Vision Settings – Xbox Series / PS5”

  1. The blacks are very rised in hdr, is easy to see it when you change to sdr and compare the same dark scene. A good place to do this is in "Transmission" (chapter 16). Even if you set the mid tone to minimum the black is a bit grey (and everything else crushed). But I agree with your recomendation of 1.3-1.5 for a good balance in brightness, the hdr is very impressive in this game if you don't care much about the blacks

  2. Danke Dir für deine Zeit und Mühe die Du immer machst. Dank Dir habe ich viel gelernt. Du und Vincent Teoh vom HDTVTest Kanal seid die Besten was die neuste TV technik angeht und wie und was man bei Einstellungen tun kann um ein perfektes Bild zu erschaffen. Ihr seid beide Perfektionisten und lässt kein Detail aus.

  3. You are right about this, just tested on my LG G2. DTM is superior to HGIG. That’s surprising. The neon and lighting effects are out of this world. It’s certainly not accurate but it’s impressive.

    The DTM mid point of 1-1.2 and fine tune dark -2 are also spot on.
    I would also suggest enabling AMD freesync it seems slightly smoother than VRR in 120hz mode.

  4. I absolutely love HDR in this game. Almost like a HDR demo game. Mostly because of the large amounts of neon lights. Back then when I didnt have HDR experience I played the game and it got night and then I knew what HDR is all about. The lights in night city almost made me * Not gonna lie I was blown away.

  5. Thanks for the video! I have a couple of questions:
    Any special reason to not have amd freesync also enabled?
    And I see that your settings screen shows 59fps, but mine shows always between 118 FPS. I have VRR enable. all settings like you. Im using a C1

  6. first of all, thank you very much for your videos, i like them very much!

    can someone please tell me what the perfect settings for my LG OLED (55B19LA.AEU) are?

    i need the tv settings and the ingame settings for cyberpunk on my PS5, because i think my tv isn´t in your list. am i right?

    sorry i am not that familair with those tv models and numbers ^^

    on my tv it is called "HDR Tone Mapping" is this DTM?

    my settings at the moment are:

    FTDA Settings: -2
    HDR Tone Mapping: On
    Max Brightness: 1.500
    Midpoint: 1.20

    It looks very good, but can i do more? I think the image could be a bit sharper…

    what about the graphic settings for example motion blur and the other settings?

    thank you very much for your answer(s) in advance 🙂

  7. Holy crap thank you so much for making this chart I have the q90a and the setting just made my game look godly I do highly recommend taking shadow detail to -5 and the gamma to -1 on the q90a if you want a deep rich black for shadows it's obviously not gonna be oled black level but it's definitely much better then default and you can easily still see all the details

  8. i would always recommend to lower the brightness in game because if people record gameplay then their videos would look as good as what they see and if you lower brightness on tv it wont even show on that recording and it also avoids changing the brightness per game from tv. My LG C1 has raised black must of been a firmware update because I never saw it like now so that is what fix my issue lower brightness from each game to its perfect to me.

  9. I have an LG CX, would you recommend doing both FTDA -2 and 49 brightness or should I only do one of those settings. Also would having 49 brightness help with other games with raised black levels like Resident Evil 2?


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