Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 – Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X Performance Test

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0:00 – Intro
0:05 – Xbox One X Patch 1.1 vs Patch 1.2
1:33 – One X vs Series S vs One X
3:46 – One X vs Series S
4:47 – Series S vs Series X Quality vs Series X Performance
7:03 – Series X Quality vs Performance
10:15 – Outro

Gameplay recorded with AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K GC573




15 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 – Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X Performance Test”

  1. It was very interesting to see that in some cases, Xbox Series S had better performance than Xbox One X or even Xbox Series X in quality mode. Underrated little console lol.
    That being said, it sucks that in Performance Mode on Series X we still don't have stable 60FPS…

  2. I still can't bring myself to play this on XBSX until they fix the awful implementation of HDR…RDR2 was the same,what's up with this big studio's not being able to get HDR right when Ubisoft can knock ot out the park?

  3. Have to say, jumped back on the Cyberpunk on the One X tonight and definelty runs better since Xmas. Pretty solid 30 in the outer city, dipped a couple times in the city but not as bad is it was. Might finish the game off now haha!

  4. After watching this I am so glad I did not buy this game. It looks pathetically empty. Blows my mind they hyped up this turd knowing this was. Especially since games like GTA V came out for PS3 AND 360!

  5. not sure why Pc fanboys are praising 60 fps or higher? :/
    I mean, if I could shoot faster in 4k visuals I'll take that over performance mode. 🙂 heh! to be honest it looks like you're shooting under water at 60 fps. :/

  6. On one x fps drops like crazy. Every gunfight, every "fast" move with camera or try to sprint and bamm fps drop, lag party starts. One X should get FHD resolution like Series S and probably that would help with fps drops. But heyy its 4k powerful machine…


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