Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.10 – PS4 + Xbox One Tested – Is It Closer To Being Fixed?

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We return to Night City armed with patch 1.10 – the first major update since launch – to see the state of the game’s performance. Base PS4 and Xbox One are in the spotlight, as the two worst performing versions. Can such an early update turn around the fortunes here? Tom and John reunite to see the evidence.

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34 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.10 – PS4 + Xbox One Tested – Is It Closer To Being Fixed?”

  1. I hope the bugs and stability fixes soon because then people can finally talk about how mediocre this game is. Nothing groundbreaking and not a “Next Gen experience”.

  2. The ram/ hard drive/ cpu's on the old consoles just aren't good anymore at all. My laptop runs this game solid at 30fps without DLSS or about 45 in quality mode with RT reflections and high settings

  3. On PS4 PRO with 2TB Crucial BX500 SSD this game is almost unplayable (framerate) and still crashes. On Xbox One X was better before last patch! Now they cut resolution, postprocess, draw distance and… game still crashes sometimes. Game installed on Samsung EVO 850 SSD (external). With SSD you get less glitches and on XOX loading times are pretty same like on PS5.

  4. The worst comment from one of the guys at DF was "Ypu have to upgrade from last Gen". While almost noone is able to get a PS5 or Series X. And that wasn't what was promised and he didn't even take that into account. Normally I really enjoyed watching these analysis' but to say something like that in the situation most people are in is not a good thing to do. And we've seen games like FF 7 R and Ghost of Tsushima. These machines are capable of much more than what CDPR has archived. The only right thing to do would have been to cancel the game altogether instead of overpromising and scamming people. I've not heard anything like that what really disappointed me. And it can't be the way to say just upgrade to a machine that is almost unreachable for most people who are not getting their consoles as a review product directly from the manufacturer. That was a really dumb way to put it. It is not the fault of the last gen consoles that this game looks like ass. Thank you for reading.

  5. Cyberpunk is a piece of trash if you will compare it to the Ghost of Tsushima… People forget that graphics in game isn't main thing… stupid NPC , dead open world – how will they repair it?!

  6. I dont know why cd project red make this for last gen console really. This type of game is too much for last gen machines. I know is because the huge install beas that is there but man everything suffer because of this version. We need to leave last gen behind like pretty soon.

  7. Surely they would have got less grief if they just released on next gen and pc. Don't see why they went to the effort of putting out a 20fps game that had bugs everywhere. I didn't even enjoy it on ps5 because it crashed all the time.

  8. Poor performance and bugs aside, the game just isn't any fun. The only times I've had any real fun with the game is when I just gave up on the quests and decided to just mess around while trying to trigger glitches… I think that says it all…


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