CYBERPUNK 2077 Panam Tower Music | Outsider No More (No Guitar) | Ambient Soundtrack

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Welcome to Cyberpunk 2077! Leave Night City behind and come out to the Badlands with Panam Palmer and the Aldecaldos. This ambient soundtrack video features an extended, one hour version of P. T. Adamczyk’s Outsider No More, cutting together the tower talk version from the mission With a Little Help From My Friends, and the ambient sandstorm version that plays during Riders on the Storm.

Use this soundtrack video as some music to aid your focus while you study, inspiration to help you immerse in a scene for writing or art, some background audio to help you sleep – or just sit back, watch, and relax.

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This video features:
Cyberpunk 2077 OST
Outsider No More | Tower Talk Version
Whistling wind
Rattling metal

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26 thoughts on “CYBERPUNK 2077 Panam Tower Music | Outsider No More (No Guitar) | Ambient Soundtrack”

  1. So beautiful. I'm glad I finally got the game myself cause I only played for a few days when a friend invited me to his place , so we spent some days playing and we finished the game there. After I got back home, I spent a lot of time on YT seeing a hell lot of content about the game.

    Even just "playing on youtube" and on my friends console, it already hit me.

    But playing it myself, doing the main and side quests, meeting the many characters (Panam and the Aldecaldos specially lol), the soundtrack, worldbuilding/lore, all the artistic points in this game. Damn, it literally changed my life.

    As a composer, writer and illustrator myself, this game inspired me in so many levels, it's fucking absurd. I'm so happy that even with the bad things about the game, the development process, CDPR's executives and etc, but still this game managed to come out as a beautiful life changing piece of art that I was expecting for years.

    Even though I really hope for the game to be improved over time, I'm happy as it is right now, the inspiration and connection to the artistic side of the game was everything for me.

  2. P: "My plan was to tiptoe around, test the waters, then retreat back into my shell."
    V: "Sounds like a plan. What went wrong?"
    P: "It seems you saw right through me."
    V: "Didn't have a clue how you'd react. You're not the only one shooting in the dark."
    P: "I would not want to cock this up."
    V: "So far, so good, champ."

    I think this might be my favourite scene with Panam. The back and forth is done so well between them. When V catches her off-guard with the "Missed you. Pretty bad." at the start is hilarious – she is totally scrambled for a couple seconds.

  3. I made an alternative end Aldecaldos with Judy Alvares, this end doesn't exist but it's satisfying, i really appreciate it if you would see it 😀 love your videos 😊

  4. I've played through this game twice already, and this video is making me think of doing it a third time. There's a lot of stuff Cyberpunk and CD Project Red can be criticized for, but the important things – story, characters, soundtrack, atmosphere – were simply out of this world.

  5. My end save has me in AZ with Panam and the Aldecaldos, waiting for dlc. But I have still been playing the game and use a companion mod so that she is with me. Tidy up some loose ends before we move on and make some bank. No, the mod doesn't add extra dialogue. But if I am alerting an enemy she asks what I'm doing. If she is taking rounds she calls for help, warns me of traps, etc… Basically the mod is a Band-Aid to hold me over as we wait for content. But I am running out of side missions. ; )

  6. "Little engine that could."
    Dunno, probably overthinking it, but that Johnny's little interjection, before V's and Panam big talk is actually so good, so fitting and maybe a bit foreshadowing?

    Thank you for making all those music bits, absolutely favourite nighttime routine!

  7. Ive been playing for about a couple days and i just finished the drive down the highway.. that music when V and her were talking made me really connect with them. Ive never felt so involved in a story like this one is becoming to be. Im trying not to see the spoilers but its tuff. This ambiance really gets me in my feels and takes me back to all the friends ive lost down the road and aswell as the new ones i have made 🙂 I'm loving this game so far!


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