Cyberpunk 2077 Panam Romance Guide – How To Romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077 (Panam Romance Scene)

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How To Romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077 Panam Romance Guide. All Dialogue Options needed to Romance Panam in Cyberpunk. Panam Romance Scene. This walkthrough will help unlock Life of the Road – Complete Panam Palmer’s Storyline.

[00:00] How To Romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077
[00:16] Ghost Town: After you get Panam’s Car Back while inside her car.
1. OK. So where’s this hideout?
[01:44] Ghost Town: At the Motel’s Bar
2. [DRINK] To your ride!
3. Maybe we get just one room?
4. Not exactly what I meant.
[03:10] Life During Wartime: After using the Drone to scan the area
5. Stay in the car. You’re hurt. Won’t be too much help out there anyway.
[03:53] Life During Wartime: After you rescue Mitch
6. [Sit] then pick “I gotta get Hellman. Will you help?”
[05:08] Life During Wartime: After standing up
7. I’ll help you settle the score with Kang Tao.
[05:39] Life During Wartime: After you found Hellman and placed him on the Bike
8. It really wasn’t Panam’s Fault.
[06:47] Rider’s on the Storm: At the Start
9. We’re chooms, that’s way.
[07:18] Rider’s on the Storm: At the next car after leading on it.
10. Do it quiet, sure. Perfect for two.
[07:45] Rider’s on the Storm: At the Van before leaving
11. Yeah, course.
[08:09] Rider’s on the Storm: After you rescue Saul and you are sitting on the couch.
12. Shitty idea, Panam’s right.
13. STREETKID ‘Bout freedom? Quite a bit, actually.
[09:24] Rider’s on the Storm: After Saul leaves and it’s just you 2
14. [Raise a toast] To haboobs.
15. Pleased with your stay, ma’am?
16. You’d be more comfortable with your shoes off, ma’am.
17. [Touch Panam’s thigh] Got a few ideas.
[11:30] Rider’s on the Storm: In the morning outside
18. Next time, I choose the motel.
19. [Stop Panam] Wait, About last night…
Please Note!!! If she gives you a Kiss then you’re on the right track.
[13:12] With A Little Help From My Friends: At the Start
20. “Forbade” Panam from doing something?
21. Feel like this fight’s been goin on a while.
[13:59] With A Little Help From My Friends: At the table with the Veterans
22. OK, I’m in.
[14:21] With A Little Help From My Friends: After picking up the Punch Card
23. [Stand by window] Missed you.
24. So let’s start.
25. OK. But we can skip the tiptoeing.
26. So far, so good.
27. Why’s it different with me?
28. [Touch Panam’s hand] Next time, try following that impulse.
[16:35] With A Little Help From My Friends: When sitting down at the campfire
29. [Sit] Worried about Saul?
30. Think I’ll try and get some shut-eye.
31. [Scooch closer] Gotten kinda cold.
[17:38] Queen of the Highway: Inside the Basilisk
32. Anybody get it running earlier?
33. Nice and cozy in here
[18:42] Queen of the Highway: After testing the Basilisk
34. [Let Panam touch you] Oh, yeah. Let’s go.
[18:43] Sorry Everyone! The Romance Scene needed to be cut out. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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43 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Panam Romance Guide – How To Romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077 (Panam Romance Scene)”

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  2. As a writer myself I can say this is such a great lovestory, she is a beautiful character as well. wouldn't mind a dlc were you are together with pam and getting old together

  3. Someone is afraid of showing the explicit stuff I see. Why were the male romances in crazy settings and the female romances in normal beds? Makes you think. Devs prolly wanted to play it safe to avoid backlash from the feminazis. A shame that wokeism affects everything around us, including video games.

  4. I can't even describe how this game made me feel. At first I was so in love with Judy, then I met Panam. The greatest romance I've ever experienced. It reminded me of choosing between Triss and Yen in the Witcher 3, but even those romances don't compare to the excellence of this. Panam was the first character that I felt was truly real, her struggles, battle for position in the clan, her determination to lead the aldecaldos to safety and success. Her qualities of leadership, motivation, determination, compassion.

    She cared for the freedom of being a nomad unlike Saul who sought to gain power for his own benefit.

    This romance turned my entire perspective of the game around.

    The life of a nomad was something I hadn't considered prior to meeting Panam.

    This sole encounter made me fall in love with this game even placing it above the Witcher 3 in terms of sheer storytelling.

    The time where you sit with Panam by the fire resting by her side watching the stars, the time where Panam asks you to stay with the aldecaldos at the counter, an offer I personally would have taken in a heartbeat if not for the circumstances. Where you tell her you might not be the same after the biochip yet she'll still see you for who you are. Where she said she'll help when you're in need.

    The night you spend with her during the sandstorm, the time where you sit by her side all night prior to the big finale, to calm her down. All of these scenes combined and more, made this experience so much more meaningful to me, gaining a special place in my heart.

    The ending was bittersweet and had me on the verge of tears. I was hoping to live a long life. With Panam and the aldecaldos. It was devastating to see how Saul died but it created more hatred within us, to end Adam Smasher for good, to protect the legacy of the aldecaldos and not let all the sacrifices go to waste. In the end, Saul sacrificed himself for us, for a new beginning, despite his pride.

    Finding out there was no way to live past 6 months, being conflicted about choosing for Johnny or yourself. In the end, I decided I would be better off dead if not myself. Johnny, although changed for better, was not me. I couldn't let my soul be replaced for a body. I cared for Panam far too much.

    The final scene with Panam, saying goodbye to night city. It felt truly surreal, I gained a completely different worldview, I felt like a nomad. I had so much built up hate for the city, the corporation, and everything else. All I cared for at this point were the nomads.

    I can't even begin to describe how drastically the interactions with Panam affected me. Finally saying goodbye to night city, and riding off towards a new beginning with the aldecaldos, with Panam. It felt still so bittersweet, I still had some optimism left for a fulfilling ending, where I get to live longer.

    The last scene with Panam on top of the basilisk. Two souls intertwined, never to be detached. The voice actress put so much emotion into her lines, I couldn't have asked for a better performance. When she screamed at Saul I got shivers. I felt so emotionally attached to everything she said, I felt pain in her voice.

    I'm hoping for a DLC with a solution to V's problem. To undo the inevitable, I trust in CDPR. Side content with Panam, and aldecaldos in Arizona. I can't wait.


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