Cyberpunk 2077 (Original Score) | Full Album

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Music from Cyberpunk 2077 (2020) developed by CD Projekt.
Cyberpunk 2077 (Soundtrack) [Disc 1 & Disc 2] by Various Artists.


00:00:00 V
00:02:34 Extraction Action
00:07:30 The Rebel Path
00:11:41 The Streets Are Long-Ass Gutters
00:14:30 Outsider No More
00:18:20 Cloudy Day
00:23:25 Wushu Dolls
00:25:47 Scavenger Hunt
00:29:35 Musorshchiki
00:31:22 Close Probing
00:34:23 There’s Gonna Be A Parade!
00:39:09 Trouble Finds Trouble
00:41:41 You Shall Never Have To Forgive Me Again
00:44:57 Code Red Initiated
00:48:02 The Heist
00:50:26 Streetfighters
00:53:39 Patri(di)ots
00:57:42 Mining Minds
01:00:36 Rite Of Passage
01:06:11 The Voice In My Head
01:09:18 Modern Anthill
01:12:41 The Sacred And The Profane
01:17:17 Kang Tao Down
01:21:30 Cyberwildlife Park
01:23:42 Consumer Cathedral
01:29:55 Juiced Up
01:32:02 Bells Of Laguna Bend
01:36:23 Urban Downunder
01:38:34 Atlantis
01:43:17 Cyberninja
01:45:35 The Suits Are Scared
01:48:07 Tower Lockdown
01:51:38 To Hell and Back
01:55:04 Adam Smasher
01:58:29 Hanako & Yorinobu
02:01:24 Been Good To Know Ya
02:05:39 Never Fade Away (SAMURAI Cover)


28 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 (Original Score) | Full Album”

  1. There's a song missing or something. I can't find it anywhere! The lyrics say "I fantasize it's just you and i".. sung by some chick. It played in the club when you go to see Rogue

  2. Does anyone knows what's the name of the music that plays when Silverhand takes control of V's body after V takes the pills back at the Afterlife?I can't find it anywhere (I'm talking about that one mission where there's the matrix reference, with the blue pill and the red pill btw)

  3. Listening to this while at my network admin job and trying to get a shut down server back up and running at my job makes me feel like a cyberpunk netrunner


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