CYBERPUNK 2077 | Open World Gameplay – Exploring Night City

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31 thoughts on “CYBERPUNK 2077 | Open World Gameplay – Exploring Night City”

  1. I mean if u think ab it in the future there won’t be a lot of traffic considering there will be many different ways of transportation and the fact that going to school and jobs and getting groceries and clothes would most likely all be done online

  2. Do Not market your game like the next gta
    do Not market your game like its the second coming of Christ
    The quests are pretty good from what I saw but it needed more time to iron out the bugs

  3. Admit it this game would have been much popular if it had third person view mode or flying cars ……yet now it looks like a generic first person game like the damage system which resembles farcry and the movement system which resemble that of crysis and vehicular physics which resemble that of crackdown and the overall story also resembles very much of Deus Ex ……..and as far rpg elements goes Outer worlds is far better than this…..but one thing is clear Johnny silverhand is the only person keeping this game afloat and in par with other AAA titles.

  4. I'm not impressed at all with this old school hi-tech style gameplay because it doesn't look fun to play, how did I know that this game would flop and fail us all, this looks like a trash box on steroids glad I knew better not to buy

  5. look's ok but I wonder where's the hype come from .. graphics look's kinda dope but except that it just look like gta to me but in solo mode …. 14:53 kinda deceived me to be honest AI look's dumb running around / hiding without shooting at you. And can we talk about 17:20 LOL and watch 19:29 at .25 speed oh god..

  6. Im sure we're all aware that the game on last gen consoles looks VASTLY different
    And I wont add more negativity, the internets filled with that atm
    … rather, remember that due to people pressuring CDPR into an early release caused this
    Next time be patient and let the developers finish their games on their time not yours

  7. The hype was for nothing. The game is trash after looking to this video. No challenge, nothing. Enemies shot you but because you are the protagonist every bullet miss or it’s not fatal. The physics are terrible not fluid at all, they look weird, very weird. The game is beautiful but they need to make changes.


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