CYBERPUNK 2077 | ONE PUNCH V! Building the Strongest Character in Night City – Melee Build Guide

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Here’s a look at how I’ve been building my character in Cyberpunk 2077. I made a melee focussed build that allows me to punch everything and anything. One Punch V!

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45 thoughts on “CYBERPUNK 2077 | ONE PUNCH V! Building the Strongest Character in Night City – Melee Build Guide”

  1. I've found that in Hard or Very Hard, that sometimes there's so many enemies that I'll get picked apart. I'm working on ways to buff my armor and give me health for kills. In the meantime, when things get really crazy I just use a Tech Sniper Rifle, charge up shots, and pick people off through walls. I've put a lot of points in Tech and Body in order to craft and use fists/blunt weapons. That combo also gives you more max health and armor

  2. Sounds like you should also be trying for an almost (lv. 18 at least) maxed technical ability. That way you can make high defense mods and load them up to have high defense armor to be able to tank a lot more rounds

  3. You can actually do more melee damage with this build if you get the Moore Tech Berserk cyber wear with a legendary Beast Mode mod that will allow you to do 100% more melee damage when Berserk is active.

  4. I just came up from behind a guy, time slowed when his friend saw me, I block punched the one guy from behind in slow motion and his head came off and blood gushed out all in slow motion: gross and cool simultaneously. By the by I had electric gorilla hands on and my character may be too strong 'cause I take out Cyberpsychos out in about five punches and I'm supposed to keep them alive but, it's just too fun punching them.

  5. I bought gorrila arms but when I went to use them they did no damage the enemies would react like they were hit but it did no damage do you know why this is happening im level 20 and 39 street cred btw

  6. I got every upgrade he has and I try to do the beat on the brat side job and everytime I hit the bitch like 50 times it barely dose any damage at at all I die with one punch I've tried this job over 200 times and can't evan come close

  7. Man put more into that Intel. There's ALOT of money lying around EVERYWHERE. I've also found out that if you do certain side quest you'll find shards that'll give you a perk point OR experience towards a specific Attribute. I ended up just flying through ALL the side quest I easiest way was to finish all the quest in Heywood (the eastern part of the state) then head down to the badlands and work your way up. TRUST ME. You'll be level 50 before you know it.

  8. Intelligence under Breach protocol, you can see the datamine perk and that can give you up to 100% more money when you hack into specific out let's. Giving you good money. And since they're all over the place. Your account will be absolutely STUFFED.

  9. Your perks matter way more as a Streetbrawler. Literally every guy i defeat heals me. I am at level 23 and i had to be really carefull when i was was still perkless. Now i am reaching freight train class…with streetcred on 42 i am not even using legendary fists yet. But with Body at 20 maxed out with all the right perks you won't only dish out one punch wonders..the damage they do is so small having a real high natural armor base.

  10. I'm doing a fist only run and noticed something weird.

    In my previous playthrough I had only 13 strength and managed to heat glen, and with gorilla arms absolutely destroyed rhino chick. But currently I cant beat Glenn with gorilla arms and 20 body. So what's going on?


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