Cyberpunk 2077 News – Patch 2.0 Developer Stream, Expansion Size, Engine Update, New Footage & More!

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Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is coming soon and today we are going through the latest news including new upcoming developer stream, download install size, changes to the engine regarding multi-threaded CPUs and more!

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Intro: 0:00
New Developer Stream Announced: 0:08
Great news for Multi-Threaded CPUs: 0:58
Phantom Liberty Expansion Download Size: 2:27
Vehicle Combat New Details: 2:48
Black Sapphire Location Revealed: 3:48
New Combat Gameplay Footage: 4:17
Strange New Enemies: 5:00
New Footage From TikTok Analysis: 5:35
About New Game Plus & Third Person Questions: 6:36
PSA For Cyberpunk 2077 Mods: 7:14
Final Thoughts & Outro: 7:47

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  2. Cyberpunk’s changing system requirements are a double edged sword. On one hand it’s bad that people with low end systems might have a harder time running it, but on the other they’re pushing graphical quality to new heights and giving us the best looking game on the market. I would much rather see progress than stagnation! IMO it’s a good thing! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  3. Finishers were not only too random in that you'll either finish chain 7 enemies back to back to back or you'll go 10 minutes without seeing a finisher. And, when they do happen, they are so weak. Theres no blood effects from the cyberarm finishers so the mantis blades look kinda weird and the gorilla arms just feel awkward. From what ive seen so far that (which is one of my biggest gripes with their pretty good combat system) is all but done away with their new finisher system, it seems if you're in position, youll do an animated finisher (they've probably added at least a dozen total) OR you'll get a slowmo shot of you hitting a critical point with some kind of effect on the point of impact

  4. The game runs smooth on my 1060 on Ultra settings with FSR enabled ofc, I hope this new update won't make the game unplayable, it would the first where I buy a game that runs well, but then it's over because a patch and a DLC come out lol.

  5. So excited for Phantom Liberty. I applied to play Phantom Liberty as apart of the Phantom Liberty tour in London, and i got an email back a couple of days ago saying I’ve been selected to play

  6. I bet any amount of money aiming on console will still feel like ass. Won't be able to adjust deadzones etc. The state of sp shooters on console is ridiculous. The most basic settings devs still fail to add.

  7. Great update on the video, look forward to seeing more coverage and you enjoying 2.0/PL in some epic stream/clips. Hoping you get in on that Twitch program CDPR is working on.
    I honestly think you have to insert a full segment of CDPR staff stating specifically there will be no NG+, with all posts referenced on screen for maybe 30 seconds each during, just to quell the rabid fixation some have.
    It's most likely those with ONLY consoles that are asking about NG+ since they can't run mods or CET commands.

    I can mod/cheat everything I want into a new save, and sync that to my console if I REALLY wanted to.

    Where's a GameGenie/GameShark when you need one lmao ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    Personally I don't care, if I wanted to play a new game I'd hit "NEW GAME" & if I wanted all my old equipment I'd load my save game from "Point of no return" which basically is like faux NG+ after I've beaten it so many times. Or use 'Respector'
    I was really hoping "Endless dynamic events and quests" meant we could replay completed missions whenever rather than simply paywalled DLC looting/grinding Eddies.
    Here's hoping modders are able to figure something out from code that jumps us into PL from start, assuming it's not just a prebuilt save. Maybe someone like Deceptious will find a way of implementing 'replays' in a lore friendly way, ideally after we've beat it once.

  8. If they do another update (which they won’t bc they need to sleep sometime) I think everyone wants to see vehicle custom, 3p, ng+, and more interactions with npcs and side characters, like have them feel less like empty ragdolls walking to nowhere.



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