Cyberpunk 2077 News – Night City Wire RECAP, New Builds, Idris Elba Cinematic and More!

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CD Projekt Red recently had new Night City Wire where they talked more in detail about Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0, Phantom Liberty, Music, Radio Stations and much more! Here is a full recap of the event.

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Intro: 0:00
My Update 2.0 First Impressions Video is Out: 0:10
Phantom Liberty Cinematic Trailer Breakdown: 0:31
New Update 2.0 Trailer: 1:42
Growl FM & Music: 2:56
Character Builds Videos: 3:37
Bullet Time Ninja Build: 3:47
Hack and Slash Netrunner Build: 4:33
Savage Slugger Solo Build: 5:17
Character Build Planner Released: 6:06
New Developer Stream Announced: 6:27
Final Thoughts & Outro: 7:00


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  2. Solomon Reed did something inhumane which is why he was probably betrayed. Selling him to Arasaka would keep a temporary peace but I’m more curious what he did which will test our loyalty in the end. Which is also the last track on the phantom liberty soundtrack “ Test of Loyalty.”

  3. Really like Idris Elba, one of my favorite actors. He's going to be great in this. It would be neat for him to be 007 in a future film. HOWEVER. He will never be "James Bond" and to reboot the whole series or even just co-opt that name is a disservice to both that character's legacy, but also Elba himself. Just make another character and write him well.

  4. Definitely planning to make a netrunner/stealth sniper build, got it planned out already. Also definitely going to be investing more into the cyberware side more this time, as v interested to see how the new system will shake up gameplay!

  5. I really wish they implemented a third person camera, it feels like the only thing that's missing at this point. I understand it's designed around first person, but it is kind of bizarre considering you can customize your character so well, you kind of want to see your character more.

  6. Cyberpunk is my favorite game, It's Sad as a gamer ,We won't it the update because I have a Xbox one & a Ps4,It's very saaad we not getting it,I have both games of Systems, But It's ok,I hope they update for the base game. 😢😢

  7. Thing I absolutely love about cyberpunk 2077, is that it can be played off-line, anytime my router messes up, and my Internet connection is sketchy, I just play some cyberpunk 2077 for a while.


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