Cyberpunk 2077 News – 2.0 Release Date, NG+, Free VS Paid Features! (& More!)

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A massive hint into the release window of 2.0, if NG+ will be added, new gameplay and dynamic mission segments and much more in today’s Cyberpunk 2077 news update.

Who is ready for Phantom Liberty?

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42 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 News – 2.0 Release Date, NG+, Free VS Paid Features! (& More!)”

  1. Very exciting all in all, still kind of sceptical about their move to UE5, RedEngine has it's own visual style more or less while a lot of UE5 titles just look samey, and are poorly optimised.

  2. I can't wait to get back into this game! I've been holding off starting a brand new play-through until 2.0 & Phantom Liberty are released! This month is going to drag on slowly. I wish 2.0 would drop on 9-11; would be a great 39th birthday present for me. Between this and Starfield it's going to be a busy rest of the year for a lot of gamers!

  3. Whilst its not listed as a 2.0 feature, I really hope they do what they did in Patch 1.6, & throw a handful of extra gigs into the base game… the very least for poor old Dino Dinovic.

  4. Based off what I’ve seen so glad I preordered phantom liberty and wait the year or so for Starfield to go on sale it looks like no man’s sky graphically which imo is to say looks like shit and no main character voice acting so went backs years or decades in gaming in that regard seems like Starfield =ok but just ok not great for how long it was supposedly in development and no mods on console to compensate for who knows how long. Let’s just say much more excited for phantom liberty

  5. Good to see things are picking back up for you Neon, alas I don't think I'm pumped just cause there's no New Game Plus still. That's seriously a bummer after I went all out on my third playthrough. I honestly just want to use NG+ on my first level 30 techie who had zero strength and minimal augments.😞

  6. I was fortunate enough to get a ps5 pre order and got the game. I really enjoyed what was there without the major draw backs of playing on the previous gen hardware. But I put it down to wait for some updates. I’m pumped for this

  7. In your title is NG+.

    Will this 2.0 update include NG+? What’s the point of hyping everybody up and not including NG+?

    It’s pretty sad adding all this content and not being able to enjoy all these extras in a play through.

  8. Well it sucks that the PC requirements to run PL will go up. My PC now more firmly in the "minimum" side of things, but at least it'll be playable, even if it probably won't look super great.


    Anyway, is there a chance that cyberpunk+ dlc will be on a sale closer to launch on STEAM? how high are the chances for a sale? I'd like to buy it on a steam sale. Not gog.


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