Cyberpunk 2077 NEW UPDATE 1.06 Live NOW! Finally Fixes Save File Corruption & More!

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CDPR Finally Did it! Cyberpunk 2077 NEW UPDATE 1.06 Live NOW & Save File Corruption Fixed!
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42 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 NEW UPDATE 1.06 Live NOW! Finally Fixes Save File Corruption & More!”

  1. I don't think this game can be fixed completely, there is the npc behaviour, wanted system and physics which are close to impossible to fix. And wtf how is this stable, on pc sure but look over onto CONSOLES

  2. I wanna like the game but the gameplay bugs such as items/skills not working and Police ai or ai in general ruins it for me. Example: Police popup out of nowhere, no car chases, you smash into a car and litterly nothing happens. Gameplay bugs and ai ruins my fun.

  3. My download keeps stopping and saying Error cannot download. I have to choose Resume and slowly it crawls back to downloading. I literally have to sit and watch it and not do anything else.

  4. The game is still the same with minor improvements. Still have bugs even with the recent 1.06 upgrade (PS4). Can’t sprint, people are sinking in certain objects like walls or stairs, some landscapes in the games look like ps2 or sometimes ps3 graphics. Hell even some of the by standers and enemies still look like clay people. Please projekt red, Actually FIX the problem

  5. 15th day out in there and i feel it has huge potential of being the greatest pc & console ever when you finished the main game (I'm almost sure it will continue in mad max, death stranding combi in the desert and i woulda gues that's why the nomads ending is star. I guess focus main will change even if you ending as Jonny's ending and other endings cause Jonny wants v to live his live make his own choice afterall and then he would try getting you out alt's orld and make things right with panam in the dessert and probably if you choose the arasaka way theycwould need you eventually and you are going to flee out pf night city and will then met the nomads and panam and if you aren't romanced i guess you could try again then and if you go the secret path you will go to a casino but i don't know if you will stay or anything else but i really guess you wil turn back to earth because it's needed for something and you will crash somewhere close tho the nomads and the nomads wil come looking for what fell out of the sky and then you join them and eventually will come there as well the only thing i dont really know is how it's going to continue when you choose for suicide. But i think because some Witcher games where to long followed on base of comments and reviews from public and cd red would decrease the play time of cyberpunk and that time would be like where you have the option to commit suicide so I guess there's you change of not playing any longer.

    And based of way to much interest in the game I used wemod and used it for unlimited double jumps and then you can go high and when you do you'll see pretty nice houses and bars apartments and even a nightclub some even with palm trees 🌴 and I seemed not being able to enter it from the ground so I guess these are for the next story for the "nomads" and so on so its just movie 1 what we finished now and this is amazing seeing a game doing this big hella choice.
    What do you guys think ? Please make research after what i said because I'm sure i did not see all buildings and stuff but its hella game with huuuuge potential so comment whatcyou think about this idea i have if its possible or not etc

  6. I dont know how they managed to do this but I get EVEN MORE CRASHES after this update on my Ps4pro, I can play for around 20-30 min and then crash, boot it up again play for 25 min then BOOm crash again


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