Cyberpunk 2077 – NEW MAJOR 2.0 Details | HUGE Sale 30% OFF! | EVENTS + Twitch DROPS?!

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13 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – NEW MAJOR 2.0 Details | HUGE Sale 30% OFF! | EVENTS + Twitch DROPS?!”

  1. Tbh the most optimal way to prepare for the DLC is just beef your V up until you can install knuckles, mantis blades, or monowire before the Heist. Just do all the side gigs and I would highly recommend start that play through when 2.0 launches. Phantom Liberty obviously takes place after the heist and I’m pretty sure would be relatively somewhere in the middle. Or I can completely be wrong and this actually takes place after the end which I don’t think is the case.

  2. I find it scummy to see how CDPR marketed and released the game on the old gen, hiding its real state from consumers then now saying the 2.0 update will not come to them.

    Its scandalous and i feel sorry for all those fans that were tricked into thinking they were actually buying into the cyberpunk franchise. Instead they were just dumb gamers in the eyes of CD Project Red

  3. Not really digging the fact that the expansion may be taking place half way through the first game. Especially the fact that they tease a cure for V, which I doubt will be the case since we have all played all of the different endings. Add the fact the skill tree is revamped, so a completely new learning curve is necessary. For the love of God CDPR, just give me a GAME PLUS so I can make quicker builds and play missions with different builds, instead of slogging hours and hours to make new builds. Definitely will be buying when the Expansion goes on sale, not worth $39.99 for me, the only way I would pay full price, is if this was a sequel where we get to follow V’s mission on the Space Station.


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