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New bed scene with Panam:

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5 brings a lot of new stuff:
You can now sleep in bed with Judy if you’re in a relationship with her (Female V only).
You can also spend the night in bed with your other romances. For example, if you’re a Male V and are in a relationship with Panam, you can stay in bed with her.

There’s a lot of new content as well in this 1.5 Patch:
New final GIGS with each Fixer
New Apartments for rent
New Iconic Weapons
New Secrets

I’ll cover all of it soon, so stay stuned!


39 thoughts on “CYBERPUNK 2077 NEW BED SCENE WITH JUDY – PATCH 1.5 (HD 60 FPS)”

  1. Hi, hope you are doing well, had a small request if possible, with patch 1.5 the perk tree has been changed, clothing item mods, would it be possible for a video on the changes and what is the best build possible with the new perks, weapons and clothing mods, thanks

  2. Hi @Jame, not sure what your capacity is for answering questions esp if you have a full time job apart from this, Im currently on episode 40 of your guide (my first playthrough) and its great, do you think with the new patch (1.5) itll make your guide hard to follow? Or will I still be good to go with some minor tweaks maybe answered by you in comments

  3. Could anyone do this with Panam? I believe "her bed" is in the Aldecaldos camp, right? In the tent marked as ones of V's apartment. The problem is, when I go there I can't use the bed (there is no action associated to it, there are only use mirror and the V's inventory stash). Has anyone figured it out?

  4. Check out my Cyberpunk 2077 100% Walkthrough:
    It's still very optimized for Patch 1.5, just a few changes with the clothing mods which make us less OP, but my build was just way too strong anyway 😉
    Q: How do I sleep with Panam?
    A: The bed at the Nomad's camp cannot be interracted with unless you skip time. I had to Fast Travel far away from the Nomad camp, then skip time about 100+ hours. Then I drove back to the Nomad Camp and there was a new interraction with Panam, she was in the main trailer with Saul and I got the option to Hug panam. And then, the bed was finally working. Also, I got a bunch of new text exchanges with Panam while skipping time.

  5. I don't know if this one is in old patchs but when i was doing gigs i got messages from Judy that her Granny knows about Judy and V relationship so after like 4-5 gigs later her Granny actually messages me we can block or talk to her well i don't spoil or anything but kinda nice actually.


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