Cyberpunk 2077 – Netwatch or the VeeDeeBees? It's Time to Decide. ( Ep 21. | Corpo Rat) 1.5

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Let’s make a trip to Lake Placid- no wait, I mean to see Placide, the grumpy Voodoo Boy and see if we can get an audience with Maman Brigitte as we do M’ap Tann Pelen and I Walk the Line

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Calling Mr. Hands
3:28 Meeting Contact at Chapel
5:30 Meeting Placide
17:20 At the GIM
24:50 At the Van
28:30 Sasquatch Fight
31:10 At Cinema – Meeting Bryce Mosely
37:00 Side with Voodoo Boys & Initial Outcome
42:30 Side with Netwatch & Initial Outcome (This is my choice and the path this let’s play will follow)


13 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Netwatch or the VeeDeeBees? It's Time to Decide. ( Ep 21. | Corpo Rat) 1.5”

  1. Honestly the voodoos deserve it all the way always, they were never going to help you to begin with so it’s hard to just let them slide with the amount of betrayal they do to you and then thinking that you won’t do anything since you’re in “their” world but really they’re trapped with V if you decide to slaughter them.

  2. I choose NetWatch. The feeling & Waking up to Brigitte calm and red dead is a great feeling. Perhaps it’s because before I started act 2: I had 40 Creds. More importantly level 39. Netrunner built will mentally melt it inside. I’m Corporate V, I’ll choose Star. The next play though will be Nomad since I’ve never walked that path. Street kid is just, ah😒

  3. Maybe Mr Hands is a hand model like in Zoolander? 😂

    Tez, have you ever found the Buddhist Monk brothers (after the rescue from Losing My Religion) near the Noodle shop in Cherry Blossom Market? I am on my third playthrough and had never seen them there before. I thought the dialogue was really interesting too and Johnny makes an appearance as well. 🙂


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