Cyberpunk 2077 – My First Hour in Night City

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22 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – My First Hour in Night City”

  1. The amount of ignorant gamers in the comment section is so sad….

    You still got idiots saying "people were sending death threats so they released it early" Like a company really gives a fuck about a couple of emails. They knew they would have to delay it even more and they didn't wanna scare the shareholders simple…

    Just cause their were other games that were buggy doesn't make this okay. and I'm sure their were tons of people shitting on those games while idiots defended them.

    This game has so many issues and has so much false advertising in it. Like actual people saying it would work fine. Actual interviews it's not just pure fan hype. They went out of their way to lie a lot!!

    You have to be the biggest pussy ever to defend this shit. Your so spineless or ur so ignorant u have no business giving ur opinion on games.

    One quote someone has in this section "people who say this game is trash probably go play cod for 8 hours a day" alright fair point but then a lot of them are just smart fucking people who don't suck the dick of companies. We have a very versatile ecosytem when it comes to gaming .I wish the casuals and jaded fools would be more for the people and less for the companies who would burn ur house down if it mean't they could get even a penny from doing it!

  2. Berleezy has never played a RPG or.. I'm confused… Like he's never picked up a gun and had to equip it? His stealth skills… He don't even know that word lol.

    Okay… I did not sneak up and kill the bandit leader… Respect there lol…

    when he called them corny for coming out like a squad that was the lose my shit moment xD


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