Cyberpunk 2077 – Linux (It works)

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20 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Linux (It works)”

  1. I kinda got the GOG version running in Lutris on my Geforce RTX 2060. Had to Compile Wine-TKG-6.0 and vkd3d. It still wont start through Lutris directly but starting the bottle through the Terminal works. Not really worth the pain at the moment though. Using this method the performance is abyssmal compared to Windows and the game's graphics glitch out constantly. The glitches probably happen because of the outdated nvidia drivers (455.45.01). I started the game on my old Windows HDD and it had the same graphical glitches before I updated to the newest game ready drivers.

    My Advise for NVidia users is wait a couple of days until a new driver is released and a new Proton-GE-Custom or Wine-Lutris is out. I played ~5 hours of it and while it is very good it is also Bethesda-Levels of buggy (even on Windows). NPC-Ragdolls glitch out, get super accelerated and start flying all the time , NPC- and Traffic-AI sometimes goes braindead or freaks out and glitches in the middle of a Cutscene, my car spawned in traffic a couple of times, leading to explosions or flying cars, I got stuck in hacking animations a couple of times and had to reload an old save and 2 times questprogress got stuck without me noticing, leading to me having to reload an old save. I can see why CDPR delayed the game again and again: It a Gem but a rough one at the moment.

  2. this may be an ignorant question but why does my pop up window look different when i click on properties on a game ? I don't even have a compatibility tab and my tabs are on the top not to the side

  3. I'm getting 18 fps avg, 9 fps 0.1% lows on a 1060 6GB (tried both 455.38 and 455.45.01) with a Ryzen 9 5900X 🙁 Last time I tried an AMD GPU there was a mining craze and you couldn't find an RX 570/580/590 anywhere (at least not at a reasonable price, because I was not willing to pay 600€)… Now there's no RX 6800/6800 XT, all of the 5700 XT are going for 550€+, even some 5600XT models are going for 500€. The funniest part is, the most available high-end card is the 3090, but the stores are selling it for 2000€+.


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