Cyberpunk 2077 Just Got a Confusing New 6GB Update

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Today we talk about the latest update for Cyberpunk 2077 that implements DLSS 3.0 support as well as some of the recent news around Phantom Liberty.

00:00 – Intro
00:34 – New Update
03:25 – FPS Loss
05:44 – Nvidia Reflex
06:19 – Update Review
07:18 – Phantom Liberty News
08:33 – FF06B5 Update

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38 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Just Got a Confusing New 6GB Update”

  1. Same issue here, Im running on an RTX4090 and Ryzen 7700x, I've posted a tweet in the cyberpunk account and one of the devs answered me saying that they will apply a fix soon for the menu slowdown. For now you can turn DLSS to auto and it should fix the issue.

  2. I got noticably higher fps across all settings with a 30* series card and a friend I talked to did as well. I'm thinking the 3.0 also comes with some changes to DLSS itself that maybe optimize it a little more for prior card generations at the expense of the 40* series.

  3. There's another graphics problem CDPR fail to resolve time and again. There's a market in Japantown where, as soon as you enter, ANY modern GPU, even the most powerful ones (I'm running a 30-series card but have confirmed this with 40-series owners) instantly ramps up power usage and from there temperatures as well. From ~65C to ~83C+ in seconds and it stays like that as lon as you remain in the market.
    I personally cannot go near that accursed place because I feel like I'm going to lose my GPU. Tried all possible graphics settings but it always ends up the same way – PC restarts after a couple of GPU transient spikes because the system cannot handle the voltage torment.

  4. Still have not been able to finish the game. My 3rd playthrough that's been wrecked by gamebreaking bugs. Stupid bugs like continuous damage screen glitch and losing the ability to quick hack. I really like the game and game world. I'd just like to be able to finish it.

  5. Ever since this update, the game has been crashing on startup for me. Granted, my puny computer could only barely handle it to begin with. Is there a fix for this or is the game just too powerful for my setup now?

  6. I don't get it. GoG tells me I need 54 Gb of extra space for the update. Which is why I have been skipping it. Seems useful since I don't own a 4000er series anyway. But I am still puzzled why it wants 54 Gb for that update.

  7. yo can anyone help? with the new update, my cyberpunk keeps on crashing/flatlining. i tried checking for local file integrity, restart my pc and even reinstall the game again, but nothing worked. could anyone give me any advice?

  8. Oh good…just how I want to spend my morning after rebuilding my mod setup…screwing around with my video settings. It will be fun to see Gary the Prophet back for more…I am hoping that Phantom Liberty features a lot of familiar characters as well as new ones. My guess is that PL will be building on the Peralez story line and a few other themes from the original game…the war between Militech and Arasaka, for eg. I can easily see a role for several of our favorite NPCs… [Hoping for Ozob and his Killer Klown Krew, myself…]

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  10. major problem , i was playing with mods contently , updated my game keeps on crashing , so i removed all my mods , deleted the game and removed any files that may have lingered in my games drive and reinstalled the game without any mods now my game will not launch goes straight to error reporting message box and does not close down when i click any the options

  11. Can someone help me? I have that "missing script" of death window pop up after this DLSS update. I tried updating all my mods especially the important scripts still doesn't change. I need help if yall know without reinstalling the game itself. Much appreciated!

  12. Did you leave Reflex+Boost enabled when comparing the old build to the new one?

    Reflex+Boost caps your maximum GPU usage around 92-94% to further lower your input lag (Because input lag is higher at 100% GPU usage at higher FPS, than ~90% with slightly lower FPS), but Reflex without boost doesnt, this could've caused your 7FPS drop.

  13. I haven’t been able to play the game for about a week. Reinstalled, verified files, purged all mods. Still flatlines at launch. Nothing has changed besides some updates so hopefully they fix it before the dlc drops


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