Cyberpunk 2077 – Izzy Whizzy, Let's Get Bizzy ( Ep 29 | Corpo Rat) 1.5

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Let’s see what Grimes (I mean Lizzy Wizzy) wants in the Job “Violence” in Cyberpunk 2077. This is both parts of the quest.

This is still 1.52 footage, but the quest remains largely unchanged.

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7 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Izzy Whizzy, Let's Get Bizzy ( Ep 29 | Corpo Rat) 1.5”

  1. I’m at work, trying to glue a pic of Liam Neeson‘s face onto a sign that slowly goes in front of the security camera. This seems like a better use of my time though.

    Thanks again Tez

  2. Gotta love a 'No Tell Motel'. Probably a good thing it's a 'No Smell Motel' [for us, anyway]… If she's totally chromed, what does smoking do for her? Very strange. Whatever her skin is, 'chrome' is probably just an expression for whatever it really is. And how does a robot have emotions, which are an effect of hormones.? We just don't know what the heck Lizzy really is. Does everybody else dress their V up to make the Scene at Riot? Argh! Tez, look around the room you just busted into! You might not be alone! Being able to filter out annoying music would be a superpower! 'Where's he at' is such a peculiar locution…I associate it with American parlance. Heh…V obviously make a good first impression…he should have let that work at the entrance. Ha! There was also an employee badge in that room you didn't look around… That Liam is a real charmer too…champagne? But does this suggest something for the future? Is this Johnny's first really helpful suggestion? Yeah, pretty weird delivery…but let's not forget she's a robot conversion..she may be operating on her memory of emotions. Psychopaths also act out emotions they don't actually feel. Or maybe it's just bad voice acting… Yeah…she's more robot than human now. Moral question: If Lizzy had known about Liam's plan and hired V, directly or through a fixer to kill him…would V have had any qualms? Would we see it as being justified? 'Editing' the personality of a construct…or a person…might be seen as pretty horrible too. I'd like to think that a person's identity…'soul' if you like…is more than a collection of computer data… There's a freezer right down the hall, Lizzy…clean up your own mess. This all seems like a fairly trivial side job, but it certainly has some deep implications… Good time as always, Tez.


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