Cyberpunk 2077 – It's WORSE Than We Thought…But The Next Big Update Could Still Save It!

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Cyberpunk 2077 – It’s WORSE Than We Thought…But The Next Big Update Could Still Save It!
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36 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – It's WORSE Than We Thought…But The Next Big Update Could Still Save It!”

  1. i like watching your videos to know cyberpunk latest update on ps5 version but please try not to spoil the story, i didn’t play it yet !! thanks man keep up the good work.

  2. Well that would be a more plausible explanation for taking the relic and strangling his pops than "reckless kid being alienated and ignored".

    Finding out youre just going to be a vessel for someone you despise….even Dead Poets Society didnt have it THAT bad.

  3. This game is absolutely worth it on PC. Especially if you have a 30 series. On console even series X it’s trash. Modders are literally saving this game. I’m just out of hope for this game. They’re reall going to have to wow me to get me to come back.

  4. Honestly i think they will just try to move on due to how expensive it would be tp fix the game and instead just focus on the there next game cuz the goal is to make money and that they def did

  5. I guess it is just me cause I have posted this a few time and nobody seems to agree with me, but I think the ending of V going to the Crystal Palace just leaves us hanging. I think a whole expansion pack could be having V getting on the Crystal Palace and doing al kinds of gigs and continuing the job(s) he/she was sent up there to do. That is what I would love to see CDPR concentrate on. Hopefully that will be in one of their expansion packs. I would buy that one for sure.

  6. My only thing is why only show the PlayStation portion when more than half of the player base is on Xbox and pc? Can’t just use this one example as a whole argument. Cyberpunk even won game of the year in Japan

  7. Wish they would put in 3rd person view. So we can appreciate more the customization for the player that we created for almost an hour.. cause you see we dress our player up as well. Would’ve been cool if we saw how we look like everytime.

  8. all these leaks and whatnot im not getting my hopes up unless they came from CDPR themselves then everything in articles and leaks area ll nothing but fake news again unless it comes right out of CDPR's mouth i have no reason to believe anything

  9. I dunno if anyone has pointed this out yet. But it appears you can get the Death and Taxes iconic pistol now at the beginning of Ex-Factor. Last I heard we were only able to get it on pc by fudging some of the game files. But I just noticed it sitting next to the love seat in Maiko’s office.

    Not huge on Reddit so here seemed to be a good place to say something.

  10. My opinion for the next update:

    1. Do it more like GTA 5 where more customizations like barber, vehicle upgrade shop and some other features that will be more engaging to play.

    2. Expansion is good. But we do want to have fun fighting NPCs. So if the NCPD crimes respawn with new resources every 24 hours, that would be very cool.

    3. There are more content and features in cyberpunk mods. If many of those mods actually come in the update, mosr of the problems might go away.

    4.This is my personal interest but live event in special occasions like point events and multiplayer contents (in live events) would make it more interesting.


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