Cyberpunk 2077 – It's a No from Maiko ( Ep 24 | Corpo Rat) 1.5

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Time to try to enlist the help of the Clouds boss for Judy’s ambitious plan for revenge.

This is still 1.52 footage, but the quest remains largely unchanged.

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7 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – It's a No from Maiko ( Ep 24 | Corpo Rat) 1.5”

  1. What's funny about Woodman… On all my playthroughs I always killed him during Clouds mission, never really occured to me I can do it without violence. Just lately, when I restarted after long break, I realized you can get to his office and talk to him instead of attacking 😀 The more you know.

  2. In Maiko's office, there is a computer you can access that has an email chain detailing Judy and Maiko's relationship.
    I think you can access the same email chain in Judy's apartment.

  3. you can talk her out of killing Woodman and she feels a bit better. this game's relationship to the morality of killing is a little weird. like if you do it its fine, but if someone else does it, its bad. judy's not a killer. a similar thing happens with Claire


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