Cyberpunk 2077 Is ON FIRE On PS4 & Xbox One

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So THIS is why CD Projekt RED didn’t want people seeing last-gen console versions.

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20 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Is ON FIRE On PS4 & Xbox One”

  1. After years of waiting and anticipation I finally got my hands on cyberpunk on ps4 Pro, I haven't pre ordered a game in a long time and haven't done so due to let downs in the past with other game companies and there products not being fully what they advertised.
    I thought for sure this game would be the final spectacle for the last generation of consoles even topping previous games like red dead redemption 2 and the last of us 2 graphically and its overall performance!
    I was completely and utterly wrong 😔 this game is not what they have been advertising over the past few months, far from it…
    Terrible Graphics
    Tiny Bugs to massive glitches
    Low frame rates
    All of these are a real and a big presence in the game and I'm barely into the open world aspects of the it.
    I have kept a detailed list of every tiny bug to the huge game breaking glitches, even ones in which I have had to delete my save and start the game again!
    I am seeing a lot of people defending cdprojectred with reason from
    its not there fault.
    The game wasn’t designed for old gen.
    All big games are buggy on launch.
    Its built for pc only.
    They will fix it after they launch it.
    Its not that bad, just a couple of bugs.
    The excuse and the justifications go on and on and keep coming and I
    Can’t understand why!?
    If the game was specifically built for the next gen of consoles and or pc
    only and this is the state of the game on previous gen, then it should NOT
    Have been sold on previous gen. I don’t see this being the truth as if so then
    The ps5 would not be running the game via backwards compatibility!?
    And from reviews I have read and videos I have watched, the ps5 isn’t
    Exactly running the game brilliantly either.. The game isn’t finished and should
    Not have not been released yet and that’s the cold hard truth of the matter,
    For consoles anyway.
    Why the gaming community is allowing this to happen time and time again is beyond me,
    No other industry in the world sells an incomplete or faulty product and gets away with it, let alone pay for it in advance via pre orders…why should game companies!? You didn't go watch end game and the company didn't finish the cgi of the hulk and then say its ok we'll fix it later and add it back in after release! If that had have happened it would possibly end the companies reputation if not the franchise its self, you would not have stood for it… Stop excepting it from game companies, we as a community are being walked all over and these big companies do NOT care about you, me, us… they care about money and how they can get us to give it to them for as little work as possible…
    Enough should be enough stop excepting and paying for products that are broken or incomplete or are not what they are advertised as.
    Cdprojectred haven't even apologised about any of this, they obviously knew the state of the game and took your money anyway. Cdprojectred should be ashamed of them selfs, apologise and offer refunds until the game is fixed and what they advertised

  2. No worries, I can wait a couple of years before playing this, after I get a PS5. Can't understand why anyone would buy any big game (single player) on release, just wait 6 months when all the issues are patched.

  3. I really hate to do
    This but im gonna have to wait until the game is playable and runs smooth on the ps4… i dont care much for the graphics and all that… must look good but not to stressed if it doesnt look like E3 because it does on the higher end products like ps5 and Pc… but a smooth running product with minimal to no bugs is all I ask for when buying a game.. and cyberpunk isnt at the moment… so ill wait… lets hope they fix it quickly

  4. Here's what's up. They need to admit when they fail and make mistakes. Offer the console version super cheap but a PC version could be higher cost instead of investing much into these promise titles that have happened on many platforms before this generation gap.

  5. just by seeing the footage of the crashes and glitches and you saying the memory issue does line up, I was also thinking the PS4/XBOX ONE stock HDD is probably dead by now takes longer to load textures, i remember GTA5 having similar issues on old ps3 and 360… seems like cdpred are using the older hardware to guinea pig the game 🙁

  6. Cyperpunk is still good game to play the city is beautiful and characters are great I know the graphics is bad on bad on the Xbox one and ps4 but I have faith CD Project will patch it up

  7. If cdpr have any sense they'll release a statement acknowledging the poor performance and that they're working on fixing the bugs etc or even the base hardware performance issues and visuals and before xmas (if they can).
    A very dodgy move from such a great developer to "hide" the truth about the base console edition being so bad, not releasing review copies etc
    Its clear why now and im sure they had to get it out to please shareholders.
    It may seem like a "duh" comment to make but waiting to play this until they have sorted it best i think and if possible on a ps5 or pc.

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