Cyberpunk 2077 – I Wonder What Really Happened to T-Bug…

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It’s always bugged me that we get no verifiable information to give us closure on T-Bug’s fate, so I just want to chat about it. Bite Sized Discussion: Twice the conspiracy in half the time. 😉

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19 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – I Wonder What Really Happened to T-Bug…”

  1. For the longest time I also thought she was alive. Don't remember so many NPCs telling me about her demise in my earlier playthroughs either.
    Maybe CDPR started adding lore in later patches. Or maybe I just wasn't talking to NPCs enough.
    Regardless, as of today there's too much dialogue written about her death. As much as I'd want to see her return, either as an ally or as a villain, bringing her back will be a big plot hole rather than a nice plot twist.

  2. Define dead. What if she managed to escape to cyberspace, would she be considered dead then? I feel like her body, altough still missing, is dead, but is bug psyche dead? I hope not

  3. Yeah, totally possible with a T-bug return, but there just isn't enough info to go on. It might be that the game/character devs made it this way intentionally. Unsure, but really would like to explore this open-ended possibility in the future. Hopefully, we will be gifted with a DLC or some further story line about her. Cheers! Great vid.

  4. Interesting theory. I think it's possible she sabotaged the heist. Initially (during the planning phase with the BD) she says that the security is a piece of cake.
    But once they're inside Konpeki, she changes her story and says it will take a few hours, and delays their entry to the penthouse.
    If they had entered at the original time, V and Jackie would have made it out with plenty of time to spare.

    To your theory: Then – she faked her own death, and is now on a beach somewhere. (When they discussed what they'll all do after the gig, I think she even says she wants to disappear / get out of the game.)

  5. One thing that bugs me about this game (well, almost all games) is that thing pretentiously known as ludonarrative dissonance.
    Basically – What the player can do, vs what cutscenes/narratives allow.
    The worst example in this game: Jackie not being able to use a healing item like everyone else does. Other NPCs use them.
    Hell – Panam even takes an EXPIRED one and it still saves her.

    Jackie: <bleeding out>
    V: Hey Jackie, take one of these MaxDocs or Bounce Backs. You'll be good as new in seconds. I've got dozens of them.
    Jackie: I… I can't.
    V: WTF? Why not?
    Jackie: A manipulative narrative.

    *I still love the game. That part just bugs me.

  6. Not great representation for black people in this game I don't think and this makes it one notch worse. A lot of them are untrustworthy. T-Bug was the only one I can think of that seemed cool. There's that thick grandma with the golden bat but V called her a "raging b". Those two guys that work for Rogue maybe? Man this is weak sauce. At least latinos got a good go

  7. I don't think she's dead, too convienient for me I guess, just how it happened, I do hope to find out as it was one of the things that bugged me, no pun intended, that we never really hear much more after that scene, anything concrete anyway,

  8. It is very possible that T-Bug did sell out to the Saka. T-Bug should have been sniffing around Saka's systems at Konpeki and could have tripped an alert and maybe a Saka Net Runner could have captured her psyche (based on a NPCD hustle in 6th Street territory one where the five Sec Goons are at the house with the computer equipment in the pool, but I forget exactly where) and made her tell all about the run. They then offer her a deal which she takes and puts another body that she dummies up to look like her after being fried by the Saka system. But to be quite honest I think T-Bug is very dead, and Saka killed her instead of going through with their end of the deal maybe even used Soul Killer on her.

    It is really strange that the dweller in Konpeki was hooked up to the flathead for hours and no one noticed until the code red was sounded. It also would mean Smasher was working behind Yori's back and for Saburo the entire time. Saburo knows he is dying but he also knows his son will not turn over his body (best host due to DNA) willingly, so he puts together this wide-ranging plan after being told about Yori stealing the relic. It would explain why the Saburo "recording" is so up to date, since Soul Killer cannot get a very good copy of you if you are dead, and Saburo was dead for at least an hour or more before they could have used Soul Killer to extract him. As an example, look at what is left of the Jackie engram they have if V sent Jackie to Victor's.

    I must admit a lot of the writing bothers me and this is another example of it not being thought through or just cut to where it makes no sense. How did they know it was Jackie and V and Dex (unless T-Bug did talk or switch sides), why did they only raid Victor's and not Mama Wells' bar? Also why not send teams out looking for V? They did send out teams to crush any rumors about Yori killing his father (Street conversation of a Man in a dirty white/tan suit on a phone somewhere in Watson, I think in the North Side maybe) Also there is a female spy in V's megabuilding that is reporting to Smasher, I found her on the steps going down to the level that Coach and the Gun Shop are on late in the game and she is telling Smasher all about V, but she is referring to him as Adam in the call. Granted it could just be written like this because no one ever gets all of the information to anything, no matter how much a person thinks they might have. It all comes in in either bits and pieces that make no sense and cannot really be put together for a clear enough picture or you get flooded with so much information you are still trying to work through it when what you were looking for happens. So, either the script was cut up or badly written, or whomever the team was that wrote this had at least once experienced analyst working with them.

  9. It is stated several times in the game that Arasaka defends itself from net runners with Soulkiller. That way they gain the expertise of any netrunner that attacks them and can weaponize them later. T-bug was probably one of the engrams Alt gobbled up in Mikoshi. It kinda makes sense if you consider that Alt's goal is to become strong enough to take out the Black wall that she would want to add the experience and expertise of hundreds of net runners to her own processes.

    Keep in mind that the Alt we meet in the game isn't actually Johnny's Alt. Most likely it's a okd-net rogue AI that absorbed Alt's engram when it broke free if Mikoshi 50 years ago. It doesn't speak like Alt, it doesn't care for any of the things Alt cares for, it only ever seeks to grow its own power to protect itself from the other AIs, Netwatch and Arasaka.

  10. She's dead. If you save the game during The Heist after the moment when Yorinobu kills Saburo before approaching the window you MAY bug the quest allowing you to see her in the holo and you can see her screaming in the holo being killed.


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