Cyberpunk 2077 – I Can't Believe This News Today :( Plus CDPR Gives An Amazing Update!

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Cyberpunk 2077 just got some shocking news today plus we got an amazing update from CD Projekt RED! Looks like things are looking up for the future of Cyberpunk 2077’s updates, sequel and the expansion Phantom Liberty!

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►Get 4 months for free on a 2-year plan here ➼ ! It’s risk-free with
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29 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – I Can't Believe This News Today :( Plus CDPR Gives An Amazing Update!”

  1. I couldn't care less about other features because mods can add them. BUT, this game needs choices and consecuinces similar to the 1st mission with the maelstrom. once they add this, I will say this game is is finally ready and fixed.

  2. it's a no brainer, Google has canned all of their projects, if it can't be absorbed into youtube or it's larger projects, it will disappear. Anyone who thought Stadia would survive is naive.

  3. Imagine if they implemented the same system from Watch Dogs where people could enter your game and hack you. I wouldn't mind being in the middle of a gig and then getting an alert of a rogue Netrunner entering my game 👁️

  4. So I don't know about any other platform, but I downloaded the game around a week ago on steam on Windows and it has had a cross progression thing in the corner for me to share progress across different platforms it says from when I first downloaded it with no mods or anything.

  5. Is there any plan to add cybernetic visuals to character models? I mean if I buy new cyber hands I'd like to see chrome update on me. New faceplate? How does it look visually?

    Another thing I still miss is the Arasaka vs. Militech style campaign. Arasaka and Militech style weapons and cybernetics.

    And where is Combat Zone?

  6. @2:40 a lot of companies are turned off by the idea of alienating certain factions from your players out of fear of "locking content for other playthroughs"

    I think this is a mistake and I entirely agree that CDPR should adopt this approach. There's so much you could do with it. Unique story lines, unique weapons and armor, fashion bonuses for wearing affiliation gear, skill trees relevant to the faction specialty (like smart weapons and vehicles for Tyger Claws)…just SO much you could do with it. It would be its own video game by itself.

  7. Some sidequests in this game are entire story arcs and to say they don't add anything to the game is basically admitting that you either didn't play them or did so with your brain in autopilot mode

  8. After finally playing Cyberpunk I now see what all the hype was about! This game is ambitious in my opinion, there's always something new to see and no two places look the same. From the Skill trees, hacking, and RPG dialogue! CDPR may not have stuck the landing in the beginning but credit to them for making such an ambitious game!

    I think they should continue focusing on this game! Here are some things I would l would like to see:

    -Continue to build out NightCity and the game
    -Focus on having more impactful choices with real gaming changing outcomes

    -Add a gang influence system. If I kill maltras gang members on a side mission I want there to be consequences like Maltras has put a bounty on your head or if I gain a gangs trust I can call them in as allies or gain special discounts in their territory. Saints Row 2 has a gang influence system I really liked

    -also why doesn't V have there own gang! This is really ambitious but it would be really cool in the next game

    -Lastly fix the driving mechanics and add more vehicle types! It sucks that I'm limited too seeing night city either with my legs or in a car. Again I know this game has a lot already in it but these are things that should definitely be added

  9. why don't they at least finish cyberpunk on last gen like I don't even care about the DLC just update it to its final version so everybody can enjoy what cyberpunk was meant to be

  10. Because they want people to be able to enjoy the game the way it was suppose to be. There is probably a lot of new features and stuff that are demanding on the console and the old generation hardware probably can't handle it.

  11. Forget about the gangs. It's a "rudimentary" (you know where its coming from, I hope) system where the Police doesn't just spawn at you, but they are kind of alerted and the closest unit tries to apprehend you. Of course, spawning can be left but only for some "far away" reinforcementes.

  12. It's not fair that the world works the way it does. I wish that Cyberpunk would be worked on forever, honestly, with modders, companies, whoever, just adding more to it. The released game was a blank slate, and had us yearning for SO MUCH more substance! I hope that in ten years, the game has all of these things, that we all want in it.

  13. There is so many things still to improve with this game. But insisting on a police system in an rpg game is just pure madness? Name one rpg like this…i’ll wait…in the meantime if you are such a big fan of the franchise why do u insist on comparing this to the likes of GTA? This was the biggest misconception before releasw and yet 2 years later u do the same thing. I don’t think u r such a big fan, it’s just a super popular topic, norhing more.
    For one I would like to be able to turn off the police system completely and let them focus on more important stuff but no….police sytem 😂😂

  14. I was just wondering if V is 22 years old in Cyberpunk 2077 wouldn't that make V 32 or 42 years old in the eventual sequel Also depending on who are romance partners are we should get more romance options or new ways to interact whether it be in missions side quests ncpd scanners or just exploring the world whether the game will still be set in Night City or a whole new location altogether

  15. If we could get an online mode in this sorta, like GTA online, or even just being able to play through your story with like 4 other people, like in dying light then that would be great. i felt like there was so much missed potential there. but meh i just want to run around night city piss drunk with the boys

  16. When i was thinking about what would fix the game for me everything I thought about included the word "more" before it. I really think that for how long we had to wait for this game to come out that we should have just gotten more of everything. More customization options, more missions, more shit to level up, more to find, etc. Also kinda wish that it wasn't the story of V being told but just the story of your character. Let each playthrough be radically different.

  17. I said when they announced that CP77 was gonna release to Stadia that I didn't understand why.
    Stadia was terrible from the get go. Didn't they say at one point that they were shutting it down because no one was using it? Feels like Stadia has been dying since launch.
    I guess I feel bad for like the one person who plays it but do they even own CP77 on the system? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  18. I would love to have some sort of upgrade to the romance options. Not a complete overhaul, not even new options, but at least give me dialogue to tell River and Panam that I'm already in a relationship with Judy.


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