Cyberpunk 2077 HUGE SECRET Building With TONS OF LOOT! Glitch Inside Konpeki Plaza Arasaka

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Cyberpunk 2077 secrets – huge konpeki plaza arasaka tower with tons of loot tutorial for pc ps5 ps4 xbox one and xbox series x. This cyberpunk 2077 glitch is a good one for once (hint CD Projekt Red) and allows you to get back into arasaka tower konpeki plaza to collect legendary and iconic loot, weapons and more. Cyberpunk 2077 glitches, tips and tricks, secret locations and bugs gameplay on ps4, ps5, xbox one, xbox series x and pc. For more cyberpunk 2077 romance, best weapons, legendary and iconic, best cars, trailer, review, money glitch, character creator, secrets locations, night city exploration open world and more – subscribe!

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38 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 HUGE SECRET Building With TONS OF LOOT! Glitch Inside Konpeki Plaza Arasaka”

  1. don't know why everyone is saying it is the strongest cause i found a machete that is 1041.8 DPS 4 attacks per sec/ 252 dmg. Well did the back entrance with car… easy.. got to the penthouse (SAVE THE GAME) the BLACK DOOR by the roof leads to roof, jump on air shafts and YES take your time. SAVE THE GAME Take everything.. the room with glass window is close, after having the katana just have fun smashing the window and get the loots. check on table : food and money. Only got a problem getting out by the lobby… my car is gone and cannot call it… so had to go back to conference room and jump off the building in the water.

  2. There are more areas in the tower although I don't think it's possible to escape from here; once you've got the katana, jump back down onto the roof, fall down to the exterior garden area below, now stand on the glass roof and now look to the center of the tower and slide fall off (no fall damage glitch), you will land on another floor below, from here you can jump down onto a balcony with automatic doors, from here you can enter the room where the spider robot climbs through the hotel rooms. I don't believe you can get down from here without dying so make so you save at the top.

  3. Hey there , I did what you said , previously I've missed the katana on the roof ,I managed to get it but I found that I cant get out the same way I got in , (with car) so I guess I have to jump from some ware. LOL

  4. So after doing a mission at the beginning of the game you can go back there and all the bodies you killed are still there? Gee I wonder why this game runs so poorly. Why would they not despawn?

  5. Dude I’m stuck inside the Fn tower now! The door locked me inside and now I can’t get back out…all my saves are gone cause I’ve been in here so long… how do I get out! 🤬

  6. Why bother making the video if you're going to be lazy about it. show the entire thing or don't bother. The main piece of loot is the iconics missed in the apartment but we're supposed to explore ourselves. We wouldn't be glitching through a gate if anyone cared.


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