Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get the Rewards for Reported Crimes and Bounties

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Night City offers a variety of activities away from the main story, some of the earliest to get lost in are the bounty system and reported crimes. These offer up some easy but small rewards of street cred, XP, cash, and gear; And the best part, the rewards are practically instant!

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46 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get the Rewards for Reported Crimes and Bounties”

  1. I can’t stand IGN lol. They answered the question no one needed the answer for in the first 30 seconds of a 3 minute video.

    “How do you get the rewards from enemy bounties? Kill the target”.

  2. This guy made it sound at the beginning like doing these wasnt worth it and i got really concerned cuz like most of my time ive spent is running around one punching people for easy cash. Feels like a dumb video since any insight given is something any player whose invested more than 3 hours into the game would have figured out for themselves

  3. Offerup will always be my fav side income. I think it’s the most efficient app to resell on, curious to know your opinion? I really like the content you’re uploading keep em coming I’ll most definitely keep watching your uploads. We should definitely get something going. Direct message on IG @flipmandan and we can chat more!

  4. I think having the option to bring in the bounty would be really cool. Also it would be awesome to have the option to turn on a balanced survival mode where you have to eat, drink, and sleep. That way the bars, food vendors, and your apartment become valuable to your character in the game.

  5. This would be better if my saved file wasn't capped at 8mbs with a little pinch of permanently corrupting hours of progress, yeah then telling us to focus more on main story and less on side missions and loot as little as possible, I was really looking forward to the game but wow all they did was contribute to 2020 final.

  6. I like how some of the yellow icon on the map is kinda like a short side mission. With some minor strangers stories in and some voice acting, and give some unique flair to the game.

    Not all side missions are like that, though. Quite some of them are.

  7. I was tracking a main quest, got distracted with a bounty, on the way…got further distracted which some other street crime…its soo much conjusted….
    But whats IGNs take on save file corruption issue?

  8. Bounty system? 😂

    People highlighted in yellow, are usually ones with bounties. It's just another xp system for killing people on the street. There is no "system"

    Just kill this type of enemy, get some money. Yay, so rewarding


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