Cyberpunk 2077 – How to get the Best Pistol, Porsche 911 & The Samurai Jacket (Spoiler Free)

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Short video guide on how to find the best pistol in game, the Porsche 911, and the iconic Johnny Silverhand Samurai Jacket in Cyberpunk 2077.

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36 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – How to get the Best Pistol, Porsche 911 & The Samurai Jacket (Spoiler Free)”

  1. I finished the Voodoo boys mission & talked to Johnny after, but he didnt tell me to visit Rogue nor did I get the side job. Why isnt it showing up for me? Is the conversation we are talking about happen just outside when you leave the chappel?

  2. I played it on Pc for a few hours and aside from the bugs which i can deal with, what bothers me most is that combat and gameplay is so bland. Imagine testing a FPS game in a default arena in unity and you pretty much got the feeling of combat. There’s no feeling of power, when tou smash things or go shoot, it feels like you’re just doing nothing really. There’s no inertia behind anything and everything seems to not make sense. I punch a civilian and he screams and crouches and then repeats the same thing every time I punch him. One even dropped his gun he was cleaning and ran away lmao. Enemies feel like bullet sponges and ….idk. I requested a refund, sadly. I’ll be back to it in 6-8 months or so maybe they’ll fix it.

  3. You can get a gun in the first 5 minutes of play, off the ground, that is 1000x more powerful than this gun. It is called ANY revolver. If you build your stats correctly you can have a critical hit chance of 150%, with over 500,000 damage on headshots. You can one shot ANY enemy before you even reach level 15. This game is broken.

  4. For all of you like me that freaked out about not having the mission. it's not that you have to finish the voodoo boys story side or Hellman's or Takemura's. You've got to finish all three (from what i gather in no specific order) and then Johnny's Tapeworm mission will appear to continue with the chippin in mission.

  5. You also need to complete the main quest with a parade to get Chippin In. I haven’t seen this posted anywhere and some people are confused because most guides claim you always get the quest after the Voodoo Boys mission. The Tapeworm quest isn’t in your journal but it shows up every time you start getting fuzzy and Johnny Silverhand shows up to help.

  6. Video game youtubers are all scammers 10 minutes to tell us something that's easy to find, the only useful intel you gave was to not draw your pistol to get the car, but who wants a stupid Porsche I want a lexus

  7. I won't spoil anything….this game is amazing with the choices you can make. One large mission i was able to take money from multiple parties and screw them all over, manipulate the situation so I got the money yet got the job done. But it benefitted only me. Within 4 hours of playing i had enough money to pay a certain doctor back for doing me a favor. I bet I could have found a way to not pay him either. Amazing.


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