Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Get Johnny Silverhand Weapon (Iconic Legendary Malorian Arms 3516)

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Cyberpunk 2077 How To Get Johnny Silverhand Weapon (Iconic Legendary Malorian Arms 3516)

1) First Complete The Main Story “Tapeworm”
2) This Main Story Unlock Side Job – “Chippin’ In”
3) Follow The “Chippin In” Side Job To Get Automatic “Johnny’s Gun”
Johnny’s Gun Stats & Gameplay 01:28

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30 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Get Johnny Silverhand Weapon (Iconic Legendary Malorian Arms 3516)”

  1. During my convo I hear Johnny out completely then says the quest has been updated but disappears.. crazy like I don't even see it in my journal. Did you do the Rogue mission before you did the Voodoo Boys one? I hope this new update didn't mess my game up..

  2. All of these guides say to complete the quest Tapeworm but as far as I can see there are at least 4 different instances of when Tapeworm appears. . . For me it was as soon as I exited Clouds for the first time. The quest Tapeworm was in my journal the I spoke with Johnny and the quest disappeared without updating. I chose the options that were favourable to Johnny.

  3. For people who don’t get this mission after talk to Johnny.
    You have to make sure ,when Johnny ask you can he control your body for a while during the mission tapeworm, you chose the positive answer, not negative. So he will ask you go to the Afterlife.
    PS I’m not sure if you have to both finish Voodoo Boys and Takemura’s all quest. For me, I finished VB mission first, and Takemura. Than I just got Chippin in automatically.

  4. Welp, there's one thing I like about the Malorian Arms 3756, and that's the Slick Rotating Bolt we can see when it's chambering another bullet from the Mag.

    Seems to work like the Bond Arms XR8 pistol, but with a dual-headed Rotating Bolt, one to move the Cartridge into battery and eject the spent ones, the other to pull the next round from the mag and into the Reserve, both switching around with each successive discharge.

    The fact that it reminds me of a C96, albiet Cyberpunk'd, makes it more awesome!

  5. Hey unrelated question, after finishing Tapeworm you obtain his Tanktop, I instantly upgrade it to legendary but the rare and epic version of the tank top is still in my inventory, cant dismantle them, cant drop em' either, is it a bug or what?


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