Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Access Secret Maelstrom Merchant Location

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Cyberpunk 2077 How To Access Secret Maelstrom Merchant Location (Secret Vendor Shop Area)

A) How To Secret Merchant Appear In The Map:-
1 Do Not Meet The Militech Agent & Pay 10000€$ To Royce During Main Mission “The Pickup”.

B) How To Access Merchant Area:-
2 Buy The “Double Jump” Cyberware (Cyberware Location) 08:10
3 Go To “All Foods Plant” (Watson Northside) & Follow Me 09:08

Merchant Items Showcase 12:38

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  1. Not to say its shit discovery though realy with meridith you get the dildo bat in the hotel and gilchrist just gives you one time lootable box i. Your apartment. So at least this way you get another shop to add to your route if you buy your componets

  2. ive heard npcs talking about werewolves, and also serial killers. convinced there is more to their comments.

    i heard one about someone screaming in a basement as if they were being tortured and sure enough i found a room protected by mines and inside was a man strapped in to a chair who had fried himself. this game has tons of secret shit in it im sure of it

  3. It would have been cool if they had a feature of joining gangs and let's you do side quests that earns you their trust etc and even taking over territories and they could even assist you in storming arasaka

  4. Don't get me wrong this games story is fantastic and a great ride, but damn the activities outside of the story could have been so much more, I still have faith in CD of im honest I just think it will take some time but hopefully they will give us free Dlc down the line that they cut from the OG version of the game. That and also new additions of course.

  5. You guys complain to much like they had a deadline they had to meet cause people like you kept complaining that the game wasn't out so just wait for the devs to add more stuff with upcoming updates


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