Cyberpunk 2077 (GT 740M/GT 825M/GT 920M) [Unplayable DUH!]

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1280×720 (720P)
50% Resolution Scaling (360P)
Minimum Settings


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PC Specs:
Model: Asus X550LB-XO055H
CPU: Intel Core i5-4200U 2.3GHZ
Ram: 8GB DDR 3L 1600MHZ CL11
GPU: Nvida GT 740M (Mem:64Bits Bandwith at 850MHZ)

GPU Drivers: Nvidia ForceWare 425.31 WHQL
OS: Windows 10 2004
Monitor Stats & FPS Logging: Msi Afterburner 4.6.2
Data Organizer and Cloud: Google Docs
Video Editor: Wondershare Movie Editor
Video Recorder: W10 Xbox DVR

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26 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 (GT 740M/GT 825M/GT 920M) [Unplayable DUH!]”

  1. 13 FPS? That's good, we just need for LowSpecGamer to make a low res video for this game 🤣

    Jokes aside there are still a lot of effects active: Shadows, Post Processin, Reflexions.And I have a feeling AA/TAA is forced too given a tool I've found on nexus mods to enable/disable that

    You can also notice that the game still looks good, if you take away the resolution scaling so the thing that it still running at a somewhat acceptable frame rate means that the game is good optimized


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