‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Goes From #1 To Vanished On PS4 Download Charts

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In late June, after a lengthy banishment, Cyberpunk 2077 was allowed back on the PlayStation store by Sony, as the game was deemed fixed “enough” to be sold again, albeit with a disclaimer effectively telling customers…not to play it on a base PS4. What was surprising was to see Cyberpunk 2077 rocket all the way up the download charts to #1 on PS4 for June, beating out even GTA 5, NBA 2K21 and Minecraft (all versions of Cyberpunk, even downloaded on a PS5, are technically the PS4 version). But now? A month later, the game hasn’t just dropped down the top 20 list, it has vanished completely. Here’s the new PS4 list for July:Yes, Cyberpunk is an older title at this point, but so are many of these games. And to go from first to non-existent on this list is…interesting, to say the least. So what exactly happened here? Two main theories, which are linked:1) Why Cyberpunk rocketed to the top of the download chart after it was reinstated was because a lot of players were re-downloading the game after already purchasing it, thinking it was now “fixed” if it was allowed to be on the store again. And in general, the idea that Sony was restoring the game implied some sort of relaunch that may be worth checking out. Hence the surge.2) But why it didn’t sustain that surge is because…players discovered not that much had changed. Yes, there have been countless bug fixes and attempts at performance improvements, but this game still does not run well on base PS4, sacrificing things like pedestrian and traffic density to claw at consistent 30 fps. Nothing changed about missing promised features from the game, no post-launch content has been added. So in turn, there was absolutely no follow-up to the redownloads, no one going around saying, “actually Cyberpunk is totally fixed and good now.” Players are still waiting for promised free DLC and for next-gen versions which may contain some actually significant performance upgrades for PS5 and Xbox Series X. My guess is that Cyberpunk combines free DLC and the next-gen versions into a mini soft relaunch of the whole game. When that happens, maybe we’ll see it on the PS5 download charts next time, but we’re two weeks away from September, and CDPR still has not even hinted a date for either DLC or next-gen, as per usual. Follow me on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to my free weekly content round-up newsletter, God Rolls. Pick up my sci-fi novels the Herokiller series, and The Earthborn Trilogy, which is also on audiobook.

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