Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay on Xbox Series X – 4K 60 FPS

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Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay on Xbox Series X in 4K 60 FPS

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29 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay on Xbox Series X – 4K 60 FPS”

  1. Lol Cyberpunk doesn't run at 4k on next gen so that's a load of bs and the Graphics not all that either on Xbox Series X I am not impressed with it waste of 50.00 the bugs I've had even with the patch game not worth keeping its a broken game

  2. Ray tracing at 4k 120fps sorry but you're dreaming. AMD makes the GPUs for next gen consoles and their implementation of ray tracing is way worse than nvidia. You'll be lucky to get raytracing at 4k 30fps. Ray tracing cripples framerate on AMD GPUs. More likely Ray tracing at 2k 30fps… maybe.

  3. Getting my series X soon, do you reccomend performance or quality mode for this game like are the visuals good enough to wear I should prioritize frame rate or opposite

  4. Stopped playing the game since it's not series x optimized. I bought the console for this game and now i have it and i gotta wait to truly experience it. Wish they delayed it again to have it fully ready.

  5. that looks like shit couldn't imagine spending money on this garbage honestly they probably released it early because they embezzled all the funds that was budgeted for it now were left with this shit… glad im not into games like this

  6. You won't ever hit 120 FPS with Ray Tracing on with the X-Box. Even the RTX 3080 barely hits 60 FPS on ultra settings with DLSS on Quality and Ray Tracing maxed out. Without DLSS it's more like 30 FPS. So ye, it's never gonna happen. Especially since the X-Box is using AMD graphics which are way behind in Ray Tracing performance compared to Nvidia.
    You may be able to hit 60 FPS with the "performance mode" and RT turned on, but even then it's doubtful. I'd say you will be looking at 40-50 FPS with RT at 4k with what would be low PC settings. Hopefully I'm proved incorrect though and it will hit 60 FPS, that would be really nice.

  7. It isn't close to 60fps dude. It's locked at 30fps when playing at 4k. By the time they release an optimization patch, nobody will give a fuck. People barely do now


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