Cyberpunk 2077 Full REVIEW (Spoiler-free!)

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My full Cyberpunk 2077 spoiler-free review of game mechanics, story, gunplay, melee, hacking, Night City and more!

Timestamps (Topics):
00:0001:15 – Intro
01:1602:03 – Character Creation
02:0404:14 – Game Formula & Story (No Spoilers)
04:1510:51 – Night City & Activities
10:5214:58 – Graphics & Framerate
14:5922:45 – Gunplay & Hacking & Melee Combat
22:4624:01 – Crafting & Upgrades
24:0228:04 – Character Progression & Leveling
28:0532:03 – Driving Mechanics (Cars and Bikes)
32:0435:33 – Music & Sound Design & Photo Mode
35:3439:02 – Bugs & Glitches and Outro

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26 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Full REVIEW (Spoiler-free!)”

  1. I am running it on a GTX 1080, and a Ryzen 7 3700x; I can’t get it to run higher than 50-60 frames on medium-high settings, but it runs VERY smoothly with a few bugs here and there. But this was a very smooth launch as far as I can tell and I’ve had no game-breaking bugs or anything.

  2. I feel like some people aren’t liking the game because its an rpg, like a couple of my friends dont like it because they thought it was going to be a gta type experience, Personality ive been waiting for this game since i was 9 (im now 16) and im just hoping it doesn’t let me down. Just waiting until i can get a ps5 before i play so i can have the smoothest experience.

  3. Im playing it on ps4 pro. So far 3 hours into the game and all ive encountered are some textures popping out and very minor glitches. But i started as a nomad so im not sure what will happen when NC opens up.. so far pretty good. Just cant get a hang on the right sensitivity.

  4. I heard multiple times including this video that Cyberpunk 2077 used REDengine 3 to build the game which was developed in house so it got me curious. Seems REDengine 1 was used for The Witcher 2, REDengine 2 was for Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition and REDengine 3 for Witcher 3. So Cyberpunk and W3, same game engine. Just found it food for thought.


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