CyberPunk 2077 FREE Update 2.0 News – New Content and Changes!

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23 thoughts on “CyberPunk 2077 FREE Update 2.0 News – New Content and Changes!”

  1. I still don't understand why people are still using our expectations as an excuse. They advertised a game as something which it is not. They lied and removed a lot of stuff they promised. It's not like we're expecting things they didn't announce.

  2. I never went into this game with grandios expectations, early on people were expecting more than they should from ANY game. I figured the best it could be was what The Witcher was at that point. The upside to having bought the PS4 version is the free upgrade to a PS5 version. Sadly you need a 500 dollar console to see that benefit, but I guess that's better than having to pay 1k for a new PC now that the requirements have changed. I probably wont even get 30 fps on PC where I used to get 45 on average. At least we can sample 2.0 free before deciding which one to pick up the expansion for. (spoiler, it'll probably end up being PS5 for me, regardless.)

    I'd say get CP2077 from a key seller for 15, but Paypal doesn't let you pull from your bank account as a debit card anymore, so it's going to be harder to suggest that as an option for buying cheap games without exposing your credit card to those sites. Heck, even buying from official places like GoG is going to be rough now.

  3. I need dual gunning in actual gameplay as jackie is the only guy at all that can weld dual pistols. I don't care if I gain access to that feature only after the events at arasaka tower as it would be a good reason to use world building to disable our use of dual welding until jackie dies and we gain enough motivation to use dual guns in general as a homage to jackie and the legacy we go through to become true legends of night city


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