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CD Projekt Red gave us some really great news about the future and progress of Cyberpunk 2077 but they came with a catch and some not so good news – let’s talk about it!

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3 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 | Expansions”

  1. Its sad to see that such a passionate team is being critisized for VCs pressuring the release. Witch was an dizaster. Team has been then forced to repair the misstakes from rushed coding, and deliver a playable product , witch they certainlly did with 1.5. Now they are still polishing things that should be done at lunch , and will probobly finish with 1.6 patch. Then the dlcs will follow 2023. As far as the games go. I have 100 items in my ps libery and 200 items on steam , i played games since i was 9, in 30 now. And i can easily say it is my favourite game so far. Amazingly realized world, touching stories. I dont care about upgrades and numbers and stats and shit thats unimportant. Im over 100 hours in to the game and still use office shoes and Vs favourite shirt. Both coomon with no armor. And after 100 hours im at a roughly half way point trough the game. This game is made for role playing , it is a life simulator set in 2077. And the only people saying its bad , are those who sprint frim one objective to another , always holding shift. Finiahing game in 20 h and there scraching theire head. If you slow down, take a walk ( pc use a mod) , think aabout your past and future decisions, you will see a game trough different lens. As i sad 100 h half of main missions finished, no ncpd done , 2 sectors of gigs cleared. So there is atleast 100 morem hours to squezze out of it.. and even when im done the city will stay alive. So dlc will only add to this already amazing experiance.


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