Cyberpunk 2077 – Edgerunners Update, New Phantom Liberty Expansion & Details

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The latest gaming news on the cyberpunk edgerunners update for cyberpunk 2077 as well as the new expansion for the game cyberpunk 2077 phantom liberty

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an action role-playing video game developed by CD Projekt Red and published by CD Projekt. The story takes place in Night City, an open world set in the Cyberpunk universe.

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39 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Edgerunners Update, New Phantom Liberty Expansion & Details”

  1. I never tried cyberpunk because of the bad feedback from the game. Had to try it after watching edgerunners. And absolutely love the game (as well as the show) haven't run into any bugs as of yet

  2. EdgeRunner's world building was so incredible. It made me fall in love with the CP2077 world. It didn't feel like that when I played the game probably because I couldn't get into it due to the bad performance issue and myriad of bugs. I'm gonna redownload it and try it again

  3. Haven't seen the anime, but I saw that a lot of people were getting back onto it, so I figured I'd give it a shot. While I imagine it's nowhere near the mess it once was, it's still in a rough state. The tutorial mission had an interesting glitch where the model of the lady you were carrying would go full vertical in the air as your arms turned into a pretzel. I have a 50/50 chance of dropping frames when switching from the open world to any of the various minigames and menus for a few seconds. Sometimes using the scanning mode while controlling a camera will cause the normal hud and scanning hud to switch when you leave, meaning you had to constantly be in scan mode to use your hud (Reloading fixed this thankfully). The most egregious one which resulted in my first and only crash was when the citizens of Night City all decided they wanted to alternate between every possible texture every millisecond. The city, not wanting to be shown up by its citizens, joined in after a few minutes, and broke the simulation soon after. The story may be polished, but the game itself is far from that atm.

  4. I see where you're coming from in regards to CDPR dropping support for last-gen consoles, but it had to happen at some point and it seems it's a "damned if they do, damned if they don't" scenario for them.

    In an ideal world, CyberPunk 2077 would not have been considered for last-gen consoles, much less actually released on them because baring the mid-generation upgrades, both the PS4 and XbOne were clearly not capable of running such an ambitious game in the first place. Alas, corners were cut and compromises made, and all in the name of accessibility, but I digress.

    I'm glad they're dropping support because if CDPR continue to update the game and release expansions, then potentially it could reach incredible new heights. As it is, the last-gen consoles hold back the current-gen consoles, and games suffer for it. Games like Elden Ring could perform so much better if the developers aren't shackled thanks to the popularity of the last-gen consoles.

  5. So calling adding 4 guns and a jacket and 3 gigs witch was all leak a year ago you calling that a big update and make cyber punk better what are you somkeing the game sill has no reply ability no new game plus no rest builds fully and phantom liberty some of its information was leaked a year ago that information is ture and I have a feeling that phantom liberty is just a Memory of jhonny past not in 2077 time zone I point to the dome in the peak look at the top then the in game one I might be worg butt konwing cdpr with lieing I might be right and I point out look up new game plus mod it proves cdpr developers lie and are sill missleading fuckers and no the problem is we don't know when phantom liberty happens if its story endings tide or if it happens before no point of return we dnt even konw if we will even get story outcomes or even fine out v lives or dies I have a feeling cdpr just going to leave the game as is after phantom liberty no chance to stoy you just reloading a save again now about keuna Reeves I feel his character jhonny should be ended move past because and put story endings choices matter like if jhonny gets wipe in default ending it should be the end of him he all ready has main stroy the game base a game about him not what cdpr frst said more missleading by cdpr who seem to have a close relationship with Keanu Reeves so that might be why they made cyber punk for him or Keanu Reeves help bank roll cyber punk so cdpr as a ty made the game all about him now ik keuna Reeves has a gd relationship with fans so called gd person but I bet when it comes to money and business hes different hes all so missleading to about cyber punk hes not even a gamer or even played cyber punk keuna Reeves is in the game to keep his fans happy and hype for the game the only reason jhonny is like is his actor I bet if jhonny was done by a different actor it would be a different story to ppl likeing him and I point out that cyber lies to you I point to voice dialog in panam frst quest jhonny blame the corpo for v problem with is not ture dex shot v is why v has this problem not because of the corporation and lie 2 when you can let jhonny have v boddy it will live on big fat lie the boddy sill has brain damage so it will sill die

  6. I wanna start off saying thank you for your years of streaming I have watched many big time streamers over the years and alot have faded into the dark void of the net. But you have kept strong giving info on some of my favorite games soul series and monster hunter are two of the biggest for me keep up that hard work and again thank you. I felt the edgrunners series was freaking amazing and I believe if they keep doing the anime series then release content in the game they will see a massive progression. Building an anime for a game that are almost identical to one another full Easter egg traversel plays a huge part in players as well as viewers imagination and sensation they get from playing and watching. I hope to see my from CDPR like this. Thanks for the time to read this hope everyone has a nerdtastic day stay frosty stay positive sending good vibes WCKDdemon signing out.

  7. Played it on the Xbox one when it first came out it was definitely broken.. but still a good story.

    Replayed on the series S after all these updates. It’s great it’s what it was supposed to be when it came out now. I’m looking forward to this expansion

  8. Conflicting opinions? Everyone's on about how good the show is, with the exception of like 3 people. To be fair though this probably one of the few times where something is insanely hyped and I actually agree with it and think it deserves every ounce of hype it has.

  9. On the game: I bought the game on launch today, but I never played it until this week just because I wanted to play it when it was patched up. That way, my experience wouldn't be ruined. The show just kind of tipped me over the edge to start haha.

    I think the old-Gen thing is necessary. It sucks, but I think having to accommodate old-Gen limits development and future content of the game.

    On the show: as much as I would love a season 2, they wrapped up this season so nicely. Like, I'm not sure where the story would go after this. Maybe instead of a season 2, probably just make a completely new titled show in the same universe and timeline.

  10. I started re-playing cyberpunk a month ago on my PS5 since I had only played it on my PS4 previously and between the graphical jump and all the facelifting the devs did it is an entirely new experience. It feels like this is how they INTENDED the game to be released. I was almost heart broken when I completed all the side jobs and gigs before the last main story mission.

  11. conflited opinions all i have heard is great things for me it is one of my fav anime of this year and the solo reason I started playing the game again. I got it day one for the PS5 but drop it right away cause of the bugs and now I am back and loving every second of it

  12. i've been getting back into it after the most recent update and have definitely been enjoying it due to the improved performance and QoL changes. i enjoyed it enough at release to play through the whole story and so being able to replay it without all the hiccups is nice. I am really hoping that it continues to get support well into the future, like adding back in the optional braindances and other features that unfortunately weren't able to be completed before launch. the game has huge potential.

    As for Edgerunners, I thought it was fantastic. I like how it's a prequel to the show and how it fleshes out characters that were hardly seen or only briefly mentioned in the game, as well as completely new ones. it definitely wasn't perfect, But David and Lucy were both fantastic characters and it was nice to see the more lore friendly combat that the game doesn't really get to show off much.

  13. I loved EdgeRunner but's also 31 flavors of NSFW so yeah just be careful of that story wise it's somewhat standard but that's not really a bad thing kind of like a story a DM might come up with you were playing Cyberpunk


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