Cyberpunk 2077 | Edgerunners | Synthwave Music

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Cyberpunk 2077 | Edgerunners | Synthwave Music

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29 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 | Edgerunners | Synthwave Music”

  1. I Hope you're having a good day choom. Always great to see Lucy again.. New channel upload? Then you know what time it is! Also reminder that all previous chapters can be found in order based on channel upload. Stay safe out there choomba.. these streets can be mean and unforgiving.

    +/ Night City Stories +/ Chapter 5 – Remember

    The pouring rain drowns out the sound of tires screeching to a halt. The backdoor of the R.E.O facility is kicked open with full force letting in a tremendous gust of wind and rain. The lights of the run-down facility are off making the place look abandoned. The sounds of strained grunts and dragging clothes pair together with the heavy wet footsteps of boots. Brian gets Graves into an operating room.. struggling to lift him onto the table. Brian frantically looks around the room grabbing various supplies, violently opening drawers, tearing open gauze packages, riffling through endless amounts of empty maxdoc inhalers, and knocking over a bunch of metal tools and glass containers. Graves' eyes open wide, coughing up blood struggling to breathe as Brian gets back to the table. "COME ON MAN!" Brian screams through his teeth while pressing down on Graves' wound making him shriek in pain. Unsure of if he should even be doing that, he quickly rips his hands away from the wound before quickly putting them back on..then taking them off again. He quickly glances and looks around the room before sitting up and putting his hands on his head. Scanning Graves' body while trying to move his clothes out of the way, Brian yells Through his teeth again, "WHAT DO I DO?!? YOU GOTTA TELL ME WHAT TO DO!..PLEASE!!!"

    The sounds of rain and frantic panic in the operating room gives way to the feint sound of a woman's playful giggle. As Brian desperately tries to work on Graves, the woman's giggle goes from feint to strong as a flashback to Brian's past begins.

    "Hands up choom! Now gimme that shard!" The woman goes to grab Brian by his shirt to drag him to the floor unsuccessfully. Brian grabs the woman's arm and effortlessly spins her around pulling her in close. "Not bad." Brian whispers in her ear with a big smile on his face before shoving her down onto the bed. The woman lets out a big laugh, "Not bad?! hahaha that was horrible! Who the hell am I scaring with that?" Brian, continuing to smile, sits down next to her at the edge of the bed with the bright beautiful sun beaming in through the window.

    "The how can be taught pretty easily.. I need you to spend more time thinking about the why."

    "What do you mean?" She says while grinning and playing with Brian's blood red, crimson Nue, tilting it and making it catch the rays from the sun at just the right angle giving it a wet glimmer and sparkle.

    "Take that same scenario.. Iron in hand.. shard to be klepped.. but instead of some street punk gonk like me in your hands.. say its a mother of 3.. with her hands in the air.. and her oldest trying to fend you off." The woman's grin turns to a serious contemplating face as she loosens her grip and lowers the Nue. Brian continues.

    "There's always going to be cases where force is the only option.. but even in those cases.. its not the only option."

    "GOD VARGA! What the hell does that even mean!?" She shouts through her teeth while sitting up and wrapping her arms around Brian's neck from the back. The pair of them laugh while Brian turns around to face her while still in her arms, lifting her slightly before both fall to the bed.

    "Its usually better to think before you act.. that way you don't have to act before thinking.. Remember.. The discretion of a merc-" The woman finishes Brian's sentence: "Can be as lethal as their iron." She says while looking deep into his eyes. The two giggle at the symmetry before sharing a brief silence in each other's arms.

    "And what about you huh? Mister merc guru with all the answers.. what are you doing in that scenario?"

    Brian continues to stare deep into her eyes before producing a big smile as the two of them move even closer to kiss. The sound of pattering rain and heavy wind woosh back into focus snapping Brian out of the flashback.

    Graves coughs up more blood before taking a deep breath and looking at Brian trying to apply gauze to his wound. Graves grabs Brian's jacket and pulls him in close, struggling through the pain…Brian grabs Graves' fist thats holding onto him. "Brian.. li- listen to me. im.." Graves beginning to apologize stops himself, closes his eyes tight and pauses for a brief but clear moment, turning his head to the side and tensing up before looking back at Brian.. "I just wanted.. I just wanted to GET BACK UP THERE Y'KNOW??!" Graves says through his teeth, while fighting tears and letting out a big exhale and cough. Graves looks up at the ceiling. " i.. We were.." Graves pauses again, this time longer due to the pain before continuing in a tired voice looking at Brian deep in his eyes. "You.. you have to remember B.." Graves looks back up and away from Brian before another pause, letting out a big exhausted and fleeting breath.

    "Remember for her…."

    Graves' grip on Brian's jacket loosens as his hand surrenders to gravity. Brian grabs ahold of it even tighter to prevent it. Brian pulls Graves in tight as the pair rest their foreheads on each other. Seeing only their silhouettes, the sounds of Brian's guttural screams are left completely muted and unheard as the sound of the gentle rain continues to relentlessly fall onto the windows of the darkened operating room.

    Some time later in the night, Brian pulls back up to the front of his house in Graves' Butte. The sound of the rain blankets the roof of the vehicle. He puts the Butte in park before looking down.. he then looks over at the passenger seat stained with excessive amounts of blood before looking back down again. The blood soaked bandages and gauze barely hanging on to Brian's open wounds stick to his damp, shredded clothes and body. Brian goes to walk up his porch before stopping and staring at the wide open door frame and destroyed door letting in excessive amounts of rain and debris. With his father's urn in hand, he steps in through the door frame to his completely pitch black house. Feeling completely empty and alone Brian stands at the kitchen counter before reaching to turn on a light. The unmistakable sound he had trouble forgetting re-enters his mind instantly. The safety of a Nue being clicked off forces his eyes wide open. As Brian goes to turn around he hears the voice of a woman that hes never heard before… "Busy day?"


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