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Reported by GameRant… While there are many different places that potential Cyberpunk 2077 DLC could go, it would be worth CD Projekt’s time to focus on the cast of characters in the base game and not stray too far into new ones. Obviously, the temptation is there to add a whole new cast of characters to the mix, but keeping it simple with the characters the studio has already established would help give the DLC some solid footing. This might be the first step to truly redeeming Cyberpunk so it’ll be important for the studio to get off on the right foot with fans.

While Cyberpunk 2077 was criticized initially for a number of issues, it was praised almost universally for its strong cast of characters. Many of them have memorable moments and depending on the choices the player made throughout the story, most can make it out alive. If DLC were to be set after the game’s main story, the cast is still around to get into more trouble.

As mentioned above, the temptation to include an all-new cast of characters for the DLC is most likely being felt by CD Projekt Red, but hopefully, the studio sticks with who’s still around. Even if the DLC doesn’t incorporate everyone, focusing on a few characters would help flesh out the base game experience and potentially make good on some of the unkept promises about the player character’s choices the studio made before launch. By making the focus tighter and stopping a new major expansion of characters would help remind fans what they liked about Cyberpunk in the first place and set the game up for success in the future.

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14 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 DLC”

  1. all romance options should be available for all genders. if not i’m finished. i wouldn’t have purchased this game if i’d known the “artistic vision”. it’s immersion breaking.

  2. I preordered CP on Xbox series x but I've not played a minute. I'm holding out for the next gen patch that was promised. Personally I wish they would make good on that promise before a DLC.

  3. I decided to make a corpo and make him a master of tech weapons and hacking. Sort of a “well arasaka destroyed my implants I’ll get my revenge using new ones!” Type of guy…I would like it if that was reflected in the dlc

    Or the nomad I was going to completely go all in on panam. Leave with her etc

  4. Still don’t see what people cry about. I played Cyberpunk on Series X and didn’t come across a single bug or glitch. I assume the people complaining played on Xbox One or PS4 LOL

  5. My hope for DLC would be
    Morgan Blackhand
    V's Life paths
    More customizable options in everything from
    character, cybernetics, clothes, homes, vehicles, etc.
    space station on the moon heist
    Yorinobu arasaka he needed much more depth
    Hanako would be a better villain at this point
    The ending I hate Cliff hangers


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