Cyberpunk 2077 – Console Command Cheats Now Available – Any Item & Unlimited Cash & Mods Coming

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Well I guess now you can cheat in Cyberpunk 2077 with console commands. Expect more mods coming too.

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40 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Console Command Cheats Now Available – Any Item & Unlimited Cash & Mods Coming”

  1. For anyone interested, cheat engine works surprisingly well with this game. You'll need to manually search for money, attributes, and perk addresses but once you find them, it's easy to manipulate.

  2. what killed this game for me was really the shallow stories and quests.. i was hoping for something a bit more epic..idk maybe make some serious elite cyberpsychos that had long quest chains to get to them for a good all out brawl with a very good story arch to them… i remember playing witcher 3 and pausing for a while cus a side story was just that good and it left me thinking..but im not getting that from this game.. it just feels shallow over all…they should have literally created 3 differant main stories depending on your back ground through out the entire game that would have given the game some replay value.. im against cheats but i want to play this game on max difficulty with access to unlimited money and street currency and play corpo imagining im as a psycho hunter whos also so decked out that their on the fringes of their own sanity.. i guess ill have to approach the game this way to enjoy…im hoping this game gets dlcs in the future maybe i can get my wish then…

  3. Nice I wasn't using shotguns at all and finished the game with Panam…went and got Adam Smashers crafting recipe from his stash and used the console for the 2 shotties I was missing…Now I need to use Skippy in pacify mode…till it changes and I understand I can then put it on the wall to complete the collection. I consoled in another one to give back and complete that quest…

  4. Well i used cheat engine on day one and that worked very well for money and attribute points etc.
    I want a character editor, which should have been in the game to begin with, like wtf.

  5. There is currently a bug where legendary crafting recipes disappear after 24 in-game hours from the point of visiting the vendor. I have never considered console commands to address bugs as cheating.

  6. Don't hesitate to talk less whenever possible, shorter and to the point. I really got fed up only listening to your comments and seen nothing (no console, no in-game example


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