Cyberpunk 2077 – CDPR To Reveal The Future Plans of The Company! All New Updates!

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Cyberpunk 2077 News Update – So CD Projekt Red is going to be having a very interesting conference call VERY soon to discuss their future plans for the company. It should hopefully be…insightful. Also, fans are tired of waiting on Patch 1.2. Where is it? And more cut features discovered! Will they ever return to the game?

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24 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – CDPR To Reveal The Future Plans of The Company! All New Updates!”

  1. Why are people worried that the lead game designer left the studio….he clearly didn't do enough when the game was in development so…also if the meeting isn't something along the lines of the development team is fully in charge of the release timetable for the game…then they need to close the place down cause what happened in December was trash. Absolute trash

  2. If CDPR would have revolutionary content in the new Patch, they would have announced it. No reason to hold back at this point. But nothing. Don't expect a groundbreaking patch outside of the mentioned features, and the usual bugfixes.

  3. The reason the Witcher game design doesn't work for Cyberpunk is because of the world itself. "Follow this marker, do some scanning, dialogue… follow this marker, combat" works better in TW3 because the setting makes it a lot more believable

  4. No sympathy from me. I am a consumer. I judge a product by the product itself, not by who made it. In this case, this game didn't meet my expectation (maybe I was wrong to expect too much, but that's another topic). I still don't hate CDPR, if they manage to push out good games in the future, I will buy it 🙂

  5. There is a certain level of hypocrisy in the commentary here. Everybody is complaining that cyberpunk was rushed to completion and released unfinished. And in the same breath they are saying that they need to get this patch out as fast as possible with all the fixes we want. If the correct move for CD projekt Red was to delay the game so that it came out at high-quality, then at this point, demanding that they rush patch is fairly disingenuous. If you want them to fix the game right, you have to allow them the time to do it correctly. I understand in many ways they "owe" you the patch, but all you're doing by imposing time pressure on them is setting them up for failure and setting yourself up for more disappointment. They didn't take the time they needed, and that's on them. Don't push them into a position where they make the same mistake twice

  6. I'm always amazed at how long it takes for a company to fix a game they made with a whole team working on it vs the speed a single modder whos new to the game. Why do we have mod after mod coming out for the game when its taking months just to fix cop spawning and chases? It seems like modders are better at the job then the pros.

  7. Bro straight up I finished the whole game all all side quests the only things I dident do are the desert chick mission when you get saved and get brought into the middle of the desert with the clan or whatever it's bugged and can't continue and some blue indie open world mini events I'm done with the game unless a expansion is released and not just quality of life and peformance improvements I'm not gonna reinstalling it anytime soon

  8. Changing approach is not always necessarily a bad thing, they are trying to avoid becoming stale and want to stay fresh so this could just be them wanting to improve themselves

  9. I’m never giving up I’m waiting for my next gen patch on my ps5 series x I need 4k 60fps I cannot be playing it at 30fps or 1080p 60fps. Other then that game is fantastic

  10. They should focus on the here and now instead of future company plans…whos to say your company will still exist? Half the gaming community hates yall right now….focus on the game you fucked, nobody cares about your future projects, you couldn't sell me witcher 4 as of right now 0 confidence in it


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