Cyberpunk 2077 – CDPR Seeks YOUR Feedback! CD Projekt Red Gives Official Update Cyberpunk 2077 News

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Cyberpunk 2077 cd projekt red cdpr pawel sasko takes to twitter to ask for fans feedback on the state of cyberpunk 2077 news , updates and patch 1.07 DLC ps4 ps5 xbox one xbox series x pc new information. After a month of cdpr cd projekt red lawsuit , apology , crunch , stock after their lies prove their focus on new cyberpunk 2077 update 1.07 ps4 xbox one gameplay and cyberpunk pc xbox series x ps5 new patches and updates in 2021. Here’s hoping the free DLC expansions plans and the cyberpunk 2077 news updates keep coming with patch notes for ps5, ps4, pc, xbox one cuz I’m wondering when is the next cyberpunk 2077 update patch coming out?
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CDPR CD Projekt Red seeks YOUR feedback on new cyberpunk 2077 update, patch, DLC on ps4 ps5 xbox one pc – For more cyberpunk 2077 news , update 1.07 / patch 1.07 notes – subscribe!


50 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – CDPR Seeks YOUR Feedback! CD Projekt Red Gives Official Update Cyberpunk 2077 News”

  1. whatever we do just remember to respect him, went on his Twitter and saw plenty of hate towards the guy, yeah the game is buggy and needs improving, but they are listening, we should take advantage of that instead of throwing them hate just cause we werent given what was promised.

  2. Just finish the game. This is not a finished product that youre asking for superfluous dlc for. No more no less is required. There's a megathread even. Just add that stuff. Really don't care about multiplayer yet. First though, RELEASE A BETHESDA SCALE MODKIT.

  3. Just finish the game. This is not a finished product that youre asking for superfluous dlc for. No more no less is required. There's a megathread even. Just add that stuff. Really don't care about multiplayer yet. First though, RELEASE A BETHESDA SCALE MODKIT.

  4. I need flying vehicles , being able to climb on vertical buildings,more melee finish animations ,some activities ,was disapoimted in GTA activities but it has even less ,some way to call buddies, being able to romance males, doing activities with buddies, better ai, then by activities I mean clubs ,taking drugs, games,sport ,and other stuff

  5. Stealth is lame. Only 1 animation—choke from behind. That's it. NEED 3RD PERSON. MORE MORE takedown animations in melee again in third person. I still play Skyrim just for the fricken kill cam. I'll say it again, NEED 3RD Person. ALL games like this one need an option do be in 1st or 3rd person. One reason I don't play FarCry is it's only 1st person. Done.

  6. I want things to have IMPACT. In GTA if you run up to a car, you can threaten the driver, who will behave like they are scared of you. You can smash out the windows of the car (each one) you can open the door, and rip it off the hinge if you had enough force. You can punch the hood and it will dent. All of these things seem small, but add to the overall feeling of what you are doing. Cyberpunk is SO flat. using the same above scenario, the AI doesn't even recognize you. The car is just a box with a texture on it. Not breakable. It kills the illusion that I'm not playing a video game. A damage decal is not enough for next gen. Basically apply this to everything in game.

  7. Seriously? There is clearly something wrong if this CDPR guy cannot see the problems with the game and needs to read feedback to tell him what it is! This exemplifies the problem with CDPR and their handling of Cyberpunk 2077. Simply, the game is unfinished, particularly the NPC and vehicle AI and the short, unsatisfying storyline. There is no excuse. Harsh? I think not…..they hyped this to hell and back, spent years making it only to release an unfinished game.

  8. Would love to see choices that actually matter. I would love to get actual skill tree. I would love to see city that is alive. I eould love actual customization

  9. You are wasting your time. CDPR know exactly what's wrong with the game. They are just trying to make you feel that your voice is heard and buy them some more time. It is part of their marketing campaign.
    Next time they will ask you if you prefer updates released at exact hour or 5 minutes past the hour.

  10. We want more features including dates with our love interests and hobbies/activites to do around the map. We also want more customizations with our character, our living space, vehicles and maybe even property we can buy. Finally, FIX THE FUCKING GAME

  11. Would love to see more cosmetic stuff there’s tons of cyberwear and outfits that we don’t I have plus I’d like to change my hair we also need more homes and expanded romance options even going out with them on dates ect

  12. I would like to see random events, like Rockstar's style, also mini games and more races, barber shops, clothing boutiques, the possibility of buying houses… that kind of stuff.
    I mean even fucking Fallout 4 has those features and as much as I love that game it's not truly grate.
    Also, I would love to see a more role play in the DLCs, however I think the principal story is long enough, I don't know why some people complaints about that.

  13. Smarter a.i, more customisation for houses/cars, more dialogue, access to buildings, a lot of the quests feel like they've been cut short, I.e perelez, more romance options/capabilities. And I want Brenden back. Lol

  14. The world in the witcher 3 plays the same. Just run to the ? Marks on the map, do side missions, witcher contracts and main mission. You can hunt for treasure. All things that you can do in cyberpunk relevant to its world. Treasure hunts are there though not as fleshed out but you can find legendary clothes scattered across the map. CDPR are not at the level of RDR2 single player when it comes to interactive open world and innovation. Unfortunately RDR2 has ruined other games for me when it comes to immersion since no one comes close.

  15. Fix the mod system. More than half dont even work. Fix the delay in 3rd person driving mode, fix cop ai. Fix clipping issues and flying cars. Change skip conversation button on consoles, i mean these are just the start. Im sure they are aware.

  16. I personally agree with you that we need more things to do as far as activities go. I mean I GRIND for the best car in the game but can only use it to race in the missions with Claire…. that's it. Was really disappointed after I finished that quest line.

  17. 😔 this product is still running at 10 fps on the hardware they sold it to me on. I wish I knew of this great game everyone played..all I experienced so far is jittery colors moving about my screen with the occasional solid blue screen followed by the sound of the ocean from my dashboard theme. I'm glad the polish authorities are on there lying asses. They obviously need there hand held to deliver adequate products.

  18. To be honest. I'd want them to just scrap the entire Relic chip story and replace it with a rags-to-riches story. The whole "you're dying" thing being thrown at you right from the beginning really dampens the whole experience. It just feels wrong from a narrative standpoint– the pacing is just off.
    And with the story being so linear, you don't feel compelled to replay it either.

    Then there's the issues regarding how bare bones Night City feels. Traffic ai, police ai, pedestrian ai, all of these things are well beyond subpar for a 2020 game that was advertised as a "next gen experience". And these are some of the elements that when done properly can contribute to a game world's believability or a player's sense of immersion.

    There's also the issue concerning the lack of things to do. As of right now the game plays like this: main story mission -> side gig -> main story mission -> then side gig again. It's a very monotonous thing… and again, the game world feels devoid of life. We need activities (outside of side gigs) like street racing, brawling, etc.

    I'd also like to see car custimization, the ability to customize V outside of the startup character creator, and the ability to purchase property and even customize said property.

    These are just some of the things I went into Cyberpunk expecting I'd see.

  19. cops just spawn no chase
    cops just stand around
    items used not locked, accident sold
    items sold one by one takes forever
    cars from distance keep disappearing
    traffic cars dont move when blocked
    only one hooker
    need 3rd person view
    no tuneup for cars
    items cant be picked up
    motorcycle animation during turning suck

    things i can think of need fixing at the moment

  20. just imagine if they spent those four years actually keeping all their ambition in the game at least if it did release unfinished the promise would still be there now they'll have to reevent the entire game from ground up to deliver. 😡🤬😤


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