Cyberpunk 2077 – Brand New Updates! CDPR Is VERY Busy…Plus Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Reveal!

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Looks like CD Projekt RED is busy doing some secret updates to Cyberpunk 2077. Plus let’s talk about the upcoming open world Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy, which will be showing off 20 minutes of all new gameplay on PS5!

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41 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Brand New Updates! CDPR Is VERY Busy…Plus Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Reveal!”

  1. I'd like to see them make it easier for us to keep track of the weapons and clothes we've upgraded. Maybe a way to name them ourselves. I can't tell you how many times I've sold or disassembled weapons that I've spent time and resources upgrading because they look exactly like everything else in my inventory. It's extremely frustrating. Other than that, I just bought the game a few days ago and have been having a blast.

  2. Yes I would love to see another a part of night city because of that bridge that hasn't been finished when you go to the desert on the highway I would love to see a town in the desert come back to life with all the people that would be cool and more things things to do to meet people

  3. I felt like the nomad section was big enough. Lots of panam missions and races. I never thought that it’s lacking. I honestly don’t need to spend anymore time in an empty desert lol.

  4. If CDPR does make an all-new world space in a DLC I'd love to see either the Crystal Palace space station as a fully explorarable environment, or Hong Kong and the Dead City of Kowloon. In the lore of Cyberpunk, Hong Kong is where Alt Cunningham has set up a refuge for AIs that have been blocked off from the Net by the Black Wall. It would be cool to see Alt and Johnny's engram contact V for help and it sets off a whole story in Hong Kong, see how it's changed since it was virtually abandoned, maybe even run into conflict with Kang Tao corpos and their private military.

  5. I've been taking advantage of the walking button in Cyberpunk since 1.5 came out, and recently I was strolling through Pacifica taking in the sights and noticed a couple NPCs outside the stadium/closed off resort talking about how people would be thrown in there and forced to battle for their lives. That would be interesting content to see imo, that closed off resort and the stadium being a sort of free-for-all combat zone, with tournaments, minibosses and awesome for being the last one standing, maybe even a related questline with some deeper darker backstory to what's going on for us to find out.

    Also noticed there is one megabuilding (I think H4) that is completely closed off with warning signs all over, which led me to wonder why would that ENTIRE megabuilding be put on quarantine. this could be a perfect opportunity to a have a horror-esque deadly virus type questline, like having us go into that building to solve the reason the virus spread and deal with it. again, with a dark backstory behind it all.

  6. I used to play the tabletop RPG back in the day and I'd love to see them do the sewers, the old city and the desert. I'd also love raid type missions where you have to fight your way up a mega building.

  7. We need proper Endings for each Life Paths and Romance Options. So far best ending assumes you are Male V with Panam. With Female V Panam and Judy as GF a distant second you get some last minute additions but You still end up cuddling with Panam in final scene which is weird and left me disappointed to be honest. I can only imagine how folks who invested in Kerry or River felt. They really need to fix that. It doesn't even need to be a happy ending. But give them some proper closure. Rather than a glorified txt msg. Imagine if V got to do final Mission with the Judy with help from the Mox and Gang from clouds, with Judy swearing to use her tech savy to help V's condition. Or River, using some police back up to help bring down corruption. Or Hell Kerry and Rogue combo.

  8. Expansion on net running with story based on the rogue AI's can provide a compelling reality of what Night City's people are creating. Meeting all types of Ai's effected by the sins of night city to help them or destroy them. Net Watch and Voodoo Boys as potential third wheel foes or allies to deal with while managing the AI's. Meeting the AI that fought in the AI wars. Brain dances, Maelstrom, remade breach protocol, and the way people like Elizabeth are getting hacked could become a way for Rogue AI's to interact with the real world. The ending result of Elizabeth's side quest would be great.

  9. Is that PC graphics because my PS5 does not look that clear and that good and I have a good TV I have like a 4K TV HDR TV and it doesn't look that clear what am I doing wrong please help me to make my experience more clear like that if I'm doing something wrong tell me the settings have to put or whatever to make it look like that

  10. The open-world and side gigs of CP2077 actually do an amazing job of narrative neutrality because they are self-contained yet respects the lore and the world. It means V is an empty slate as a solo character in the open world, which is why I feel a lot of suggestions for DLC is just not right. A lot of it is just headcanon for V which should stay just as headcanon really.

    What I feel should be worked on more is NC's liveliness and more lore-related things. Just more recreational activities, more random encounters, (e.g Combat Cabs should be seen more often, more ongoing chaos, doing shots at bars) because it allows headcanons where you, as the player, can fill in your own ideas; even though it is unfortunate that just as many RPG games, it has to have a story which pretty much limits what your character is: that V is mostly a Solo merc, so Gigs pretty much have to be done alone. Essay's already too long so find out for yourself why V is a Solo

  11. Imagine if for the next expansion pack they solely focus on fleshing out the life paths? That's my only big gripe with the game (passed the obvs bug issues) is a lack of representation of the life paths they hyped up so much. If they fleshed those out completely and interwove some lifepath exclusive missions into the game, it would be so dope

  12. Man, I just don't think cdpr is doing anything special or interesting. Probably just another dlc jacket or something.
    If cdpr wanted to enhance the experience with cyberpunk, they need more fleshed out side missions. Those were the best parts of cyberpunk. I'm not talking about the gig missions btw.
    Also I think 3rd person view game play would be a great addition. The 3rd person could be a feature enabled by a mini surveillance drone that syncs with the players optics to provide a 3rd person perspective.
    Cyberpunk is not a new game anymore. If cdpr hasn't done anything significant by now, I doubt they will do anything significant in the near future.
    Cyberpunks best hopes are to literally wait for a sequal or something

  13. Me when Cyberpunk launched in a horrible state: CDPR screwed us. I'm moving on. Forget this game.

    Me now: plays Cyberpunk
    watches videos about Cyberpunk
    reads about Cyberpunk
    listens to Cyberpunk soundtrack
    checks mods for Cyberpunk

  14. We need more Panam and nomads missions we need more immersive things to do after completing the story we need more cyberware that's and new guns and clothing new perks … I would like to see locked doors being unlockable also would like to see more Jhonny Silverhands and relationship with rouge

  15. It’s literally raging me out watching the pc footage of your cp2077 then I look at my ps5 version and it looks shite. CDPR best sort this out on consoles and fast.

  16. For dlc I would love to see an expansion to Tucson with the panel ending or something along the lines of finding a new body for your psychy to continue living and go on with more of the story.

  17. I would love to see the past history of night City I'd also like to see how the gang's were developed I would like to see if there is more in the world I mean this is based off of California but what about the rest of the world like what else is out there like what about New York or Florida or even where I live Omaha Nebraska,Texas or even China I mean arisaka is a Chinese company this game could be even a competitor or better than GTA

  18. Expanding the badlands is the last thing I'm interested in. I don't like that setting in any games. That's why I'm not really a fan of games like Fallout. When playing Cyberpunk I want to see neon lights, giant building, technology and all that. I know the badlands are part of this universe but I just find it boring. Everything is just brown, buildings don't look futuristic at all and not a lot to see there.


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