Cyberpunk 2077 – Best Operating Systems Completely Change The Way You Play (Cyberpunk 2077 Tips)

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Cyberpunk 2077 – Best Operating Systems Completely Change The Way You Play (Cyberpunk 2077 Tips)
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24 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Best Operating Systems Completely Change The Way You Play (Cyberpunk 2077 Tips)”

  1. Rippler is the best cause two ultimate system resets saves you so much more RAM and is the only noticeable upload speed buff which makes quick hacking actually quick

    Just because it has max spread distance just only means it debuffs majority of enemies And you have to just wait for the cool down for other hacks which don’t use the net watch mk5 spread affix

  2. With a legendary short circuit you can use the R3 ranged weapon bash to proc crits which then procs the special ability of that hack that shocks. So basically you can run around in this game bashing people in the face with the butt of your rifle (or handle of your gun) and completely destroy any enemy including cyberpsychos just doing that alone.

  3. Doing a second playthrough on hard with annihilation shorgun/brawler. Will not be using sandevistan because it makes everything way too easy. Berserker all day with dodges and armor/crit dam stacks 👌

  4. He’s completely correct that Short Circuit legendary kicks ass, but what he neglects to mention and may not know is that his katana is NOT doing the killing, the quick hack effect is. So to explain, your weapon skill will not be going up much at all with this quick hack slotted. It will also stop progression for the Skippy quest (since Skippy isn’t killing, your quick hack proc damage is). So you’ll miss out on a lot of skill levels depending on when you slot this if you aren’t careful.

  5. Well, in the game there is a bunch of cool stuff but when you made it perfectly work, you already don't necessarily need it. I've made quick hack slow-mo Katana build and literally was shredding enemies in seconds without being noticed.

  6. Dont see many ppl running a full stealth and reflex evasion build. I am currently running not fully leveled yet. Its been a grind i dont have sandevistan i use synaptic accelerator but mostly sneak kill. Once i gain enough perks to distribute and gain poison damage boosts it will really help in real-time as i go around undetected and quickly lay enemies out. 1 by 1 mostly

  7. Are there people outthere which like the game without this bunch of Videos with glitches..this is best and that? Play whatever you like make Your own no copy..

    You can get quickhacks with 12 intelligence yeah but you also need a Level of V for it?

    And i played more than 250 hours Different i started as a netrunner i go straight to int 20 from beginning and with lvl 15 i got all the quick hacks selfmaded..i Play on Very hard and no need any Weapon or other can hack people trough Walls with legendary ping and they are dead before they can smell you.

    The other style i played was my First with Pistole.. Action rifle and my own stuff with tech 18..also on very hard.

    I want to Play and enjoy and using glitches to be a hero should be to Boring for me..i want to get my eddies for real and pay that stuff i want ✌

    Have a nice day in nightcity 🖤

  8. lmao what an idiot butdat money do people have a right to play the game they want to and not have ths garbage thrown at them , so your saying that were not using the best items lmao best is different for everybody but i get that money is whats driving you hope you get all the money u could ever want and then realise its the journey thats the best bit


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