cyberpunk 2077 best handgun build very hard

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cyberpunk 2077 best handgun build very hard
best cyberpunk 2077 handgun tech build – very hard high damage build guide
here is the perfect build for anyone who wants to make a sandevistan build guide really powerful really damaging really fun and makes very hard mode easy mode give this crazy damage slow time build a whirl

please be aware this is a full guide and is very long as such i have broke it down into segments in case you fall asleep or cry of boredom =)

00:00 Intro
01:49 Gameplay footage
04:50 Weapons and armor loadout
09:40 Stats
10:23 Attributes
10:46 Body perks
12:40 Reflex perks
18:53 Technical perks
21:37 Cool perks
23:14 Cyberware


12 thoughts on “cyberpunk 2077 best handgun build very hard”

  1. I'm going to help you out with some answers bro. Heal on kill doesn't work when you are using the non lethal damage mod. Blood pump is bugged and doesn't work when you have anything in your arm cyberware.

  2. Great build! Very similar to mine but I have 8 points left and tried to either go on coolness with the immunity stuff or on tech for crafting legendaries and you just discovered the perk I was looking for to give my cyberarm launcher more dmg 👍🏼 thx a lot! Now im going full tech ^^

  3. It took me some time to follow, collect and set things up. Thank you. Here are some minor suggestions:
    1. all your guns have 100% crit chance, so I do not think you need to spend additional perk points on CC for revolvers and rifles,
    2. you never selected poison immunity, can be good to add, as it is only 1p,
    That is it, everything else is really nice and can be adapted to rather different Max Pain play stiles =)

  4. This is cool and a lot of fun and enjoy the videos but if you're playing on a playstation 4 slow Mo is just not the way to go.
    I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but half the time it never engages when you need it too even if you let it cool down for literally days in the game.

  5. This is close to my favorite build, except my V has 3 int. and uses a Sandisvistan instead of Cyberdeck for OS. You can headshot an entire mob with a DR-12 with bullet time activated. On the secret mission, you can slightly charge the tech revolver at leisure and one-shot heavy gunners.


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